Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Love'n His Crocs

Josiah received a pair of Crocs for his birthday from Nana and Granddaddy. I knew he would probably like them since he seems to have a high interest in shoes, but I didn't know how much he would like these. I'm sure it is partly because he can put them on himself. He has always preferred to be able to do something himself. He skipped baby food and went straight to finger foods that he could pick up himself. He doesn't like to hold hands when walking since he can do it himself. He loves to brush his teeth with his pink toothbrush but doesn't want help. Back to the Crocs -- Josiah can be seen in almost any situation wearing his Crocs. He puts them on pretty much first thing in the morning. If he's slept through the night, he comes walking into my room wearing his Crocs. He can be found wearing only his Crocs and nothing else. He sometimes takes naps wearing his Crocs. He will run and get his Crocs to go play outside in the backyard. If he can't find them, he walks around with his hands held open saying, "Where are my Crocs?" They were definitely a good choice for a birthday gift.


The O'Connell Clan said...

We love crocs! Cute crocs Josiah! Wish I had that color!

The Blake Family said...

He looks so cute in them!

Anonymous said...

I am glad he loves those crocs.