Sunday, September 23, 2007

Day 1: Without Daddy

Last night, all three boys slept in my king size bed with me. It's great that I finally have a bed that they can all fit in when Daddy is out of town. Our morning started with Josiah waking up ready to go downstairs at about 7:45am. I was able to turn on the tv for him so the rest of us could sleep a little longer. Shortly after, the phone rang and it was Kerry assuming we would be up and moving. With Kerry gone, the boys tend to stay up later and sleep later (good for me). We ate breakfast, cleaned out the car, played, mommy got ready, nursed Levi a couple of times and then it was time for lunch.

After lunch, we finished getting ready for Caleb's baseball game. Our entire afternoon was spent at the baseball game. Caleb loved playing baseball. Josiah loved running in the grass and playing on the playground. Levi was just content to hang out in the sling. After the game, we took one of Caleb's friends home from the game and ran to Target to drop off film. I forgot my camera when we went to the zoo, so I bought a disposable one so we would have some pics with Granddaddy. We came back home, relaxed, ate dinner, and then went back to Target to pick up the pictures. At this point it was close to 6:30pm and Josiah still had not had a nap all day.

We returned home around 7pm after a trip to Target and the gas station. The boys played some more, watched part of a movie while I watched the service online and talked on the phone. Then Josiah comes crying to me telling me he needs his pajamas on. I get him ready for bed, snuggle up with him and he falls asleep within five minutes. Levi falls asleep while I'm typing on the computer at about 9pm. After the movie, Caleb is ready for his snack and I tell him to let me know when he's ready for bed since he wanted another movie. It's Sunday and he and I are relaxing. I start blogging and start to say something to Caleb only to discover that Caleb has fallen asleep on the floor. Josiah wakes up crying and I go in and snuggle up with him and he falls back to sleep right away. I decided to put my old wrinkles dog in his bed snuggled up next to him hoping he thinks it's me all night long. It's been hard for Josiah to sleep well while cutting his 2 year old molars that are coming in one at a time.

And now that all the boys are sound asleep, I have wasted a couple of hours on the computer but I have enjoyed it. I will now publish this post, drag my 7 year old to bed, let Bailey in, get ready for bed, spend a few minutes with God, watch a little tv, snuggle up and nurse Levi, and fall asleep with hopes that I will get a few hours sleep until I'm gladly needed again.

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The O'Connell Clan said...

I am so glad everything is going well while Kerry is with his mom! I can picture this whole blog post...made me smile!