Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Day 4: Without Daddy

Today was our last full day without seeing Daddy. The boys have been great this week. This morning was school followed by lunch and naps. Even Caleb took a nap today which is not his norm. I wonder if he's taking a growth spurt since that seems to be when he gets really tired. It's about time for him to out grow some of his pants since I just bought him a couple of pair in his current size. Caleb had baseball practice this evening which was great. Josiah loves being out in the open. He's getting so much better about not running off. He even sat in his little chair and the bleachers for part of the time. After practice, we made a quick trip to Target. Once again, Josiah informed me that he wanted to walk. He seems to understand now that if he runs off he gets no more chances and I put him in the basket. There are days when he amazes me. It is fun to see what catches his eye as we're walking down the isles. Tonight, it was make-up, a pink baseball helmet, and an Elmo, Cookie Monster, and Oscar the Grouch Christmas thing. Very random. Our shopping trips last longer, but it's worth it since he's learning to follow directions.

We're looking forward to seeing Daddy tomorrow. Caleb has been drawing pictures for Daddy and cutting out motorcycles from magazines to show him. Josiah is ready to go to the airport again to get Daddy. And Levi has started saying Da-da more frequently. Maybe he thinks if he says Da-da, he'll get to see Daddy. Tomorrow will be here before we know it.

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ColoradoDreaming said...

I bet that was a LONG 4 days! The boys look great and are growing so fast!