Sunday, September 23, 2007

Granddaddy's Visit

We had a very nice visit with my Dad the past few days. His plane came in earlier than expected so he met us at the van. I always like bringing the boys inside the airport to greet family with big hugs and smiling faces but they were ready in the car. As I was telling the boys that we were going to get Granddaddy, Josiah said, "Granddaddy hug me." It was so cute. He knew he was going to get a hug from Granddaddy. Granddaddy was kept very busy with holding Levi while I got ready and two older boys wanting his one on one attention.

Thursday, we went to lunch and then we went to the baseball field where Granddaddy helped Caleb with baseball. Caleb did very well listening to what Granddaddy had to say. Josiah was a little upset all day after jumping off the slide at lunch and hurting his fingers. Later, we noticed that they were swollen. As of today, they are pretty bruised, but nothing looks broken.

Friday, Granddaddy and I took the boys to the Santa Ana Zoo. It was a nice zoo, but it could be just a little bigger. It needed a few larger animals and more reptiles and it would have been great. But the boys had fun and that was the most important thing. Caleb had batting practice that night and then we all watched a movie together. All of the boys fell asleep (Kerry included) during the movie.

Saturday, we went to Boomers. Caleb was reluctant to go to the zoo on Friday. I explained that since Josiah's getting older, we have to take turns choosing fun things to do. Caleb wanted to play miniature golf. We had maybe our second rain this year Friday night which made the ground too wet for miniature golf. He enjoyed playing video games though. Caleb's top front teeth are very loose. Granddaddy's visit ended with a very upset Caleb worried about his teeth. You will be able to see what I mean in the pictures. We look forward to seeing Granddaddy again very soon! Thanks for coming to see us!

Granddaddy with his three boys

Granddaddy and Levi

Granddaddy and Josiah

Caleb and Granddaddy

Granddaddy and Mommy (I look old! I guess I need to look into that anti-aging make-up that Clinique lady mentioned back when I was pregnant.)

Oh, the memories pictures help us remember! This is what Caleb looked like after Boomers when he noticed how loose his teeth were. He didn't eat breakfast and only a little bit of lunch. After Kerry left last night, I told him I wasn't going to pester him about his teeth and they would fall out when they did. He's been eating just fine and back to his normal self.

Here is everyone outside of Chick-fil-a before Granddaddy went back to Texas. Once again, you can see how Caleb is feeling.


RyAnn said...

Smile Caleb!!! Glad yall had fun!

The O'Connell Clan said...

Precious pictures! Poor Caleb! I am so glad you guys had so much fun and enjoyed the time together...what wonderful memories you continue to create for your family!