Friday, September 14, 2007

Homebound: Potty Training

This week, the boys and I have been at our house all day everyday until tonight. Why you ask? Well, it's potty training time and I decided that Josiah and I needed one complete week at home to get used to it. It's going pretty well but not as easy as Caleb. He still has a couple of accidents a day, but I'm changing no poopy diapers (of Josiah). Hurray! He is also starting to initiate when he needs to go more. The past couple of mornings, Josiah has woken up, wanted to take his diaper off and will go into the bathroom himself and go potty. He has even gotten a little upset two nights in a row because he wants underwear instead of a diaper. I simply wait until he falls asleep and put the diaper on him for the night. Several times, he has gone on his own without me saying a word.

Tonight, we had our first outing in underwear. I was a little curious about how he would do. We went to Caleb's batting practice. I packed an extra pair of shorts and some pull ups just in case and a plastic up. The good thing about boys is that they can go to the bathroom in a cup in the van and think it's a whole lot of fun. We even made a quick trip to Target and home with no accidents! Of course, I asked him almost every five minutes if he needed to go potty. He did go once in the van (thanks to the cup) and once at Target. Tonight as we were laying down, he told me he had to go to the bathroom. Since I was nursing Levi, he went into the bathroom on his own and went poop all by himself!

Overall, I am pleased with his progress and mine as well. The hard part is making myself put underwear on him first thing in the morning and after naps. It's so easy to become lazy. He's been a trooper and does not fuss about going to the bathroom. I'm hoping that he'll be pretty much potty trained (going by himself) in about a month. I think that's a pretty realistic goal.

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The O'Connell Clan said...

Awesome job Josiah (and Stephanie)! So how about coming over and training Kendra? I think I need to do what you did for at least one whole week! You have to feel so good! Keep up the great work mommy!