Wednesday, September 19, 2007


We have stayed pretty busy today. I really didn't want to wake up this morning. I've been staying up too late at night enjoying the quiet of the house. This morning was school. Caleb did pretty well. I don't think I realize how much little brothers can be big distractions. Several times today, when I would remind Caleb to listen or keep working on something, he would tell me it's just so hard when he hears Josiah. Especially, now that Josiah is having a little school time each day, Caleb doesn't like to miss out on that time either. I've thought about trying math and language during Josiah's nap, but Caleb seems to be a little tired and less attentive after lunch. I may try it for a week and see how it goes though. It never hurts to try.

This afternoon, we had some friends that we hadn't seen in 9 months come over to play and they live about a mile from us. Austin was one of the first friends Caleb made out here. They played t-ball together the first spring we were here and us moms enjoyed visiting during practices and games. The kids picked up right where they had left off which is always fun to see. We got to meet baby Ethan for the first time -- such a cutie and all smiles. They also have a little girl Lauren. Lauren was surrounded by 5 boys today (if you count the two babies). Our time went by way too fast and we look forward to getting together sooner than nine months.

After playing with friends, Caleb had baseball practice. Overall it went well. After practice, the coach quietly came up to me to let me know that even though they know Caleb wants to pitch, he just can't seem to get it over home plate consistently. He was so nice about it and went on to say that he loves having Caleb on his team and that Caleb seems to love baseball more than any of the other boys. I don't know if he thought we would be upset, but we understand. That was in the introduction letter for this season. I asked him about suggestions for helping Caleb improve in that area and he told me that we needed to practice with him everyday from short and farther distances until he improves. And if we see improvement, to point it out to him. The tough part came when Caleb commented in the car that he saw the coach talking with me and wanted to know what he said. I think I did a fairly decent job explaining to him. At first he seemed a little upset about it and said he didn't want to play anymore. I told him I would start taking him out everyday after school and I would practice with him. He really seemed to warm up to the idea when I told him that he could throw as hard as he could to mom. I know I'm going to be wishing I had the catcher's gear. He mentioned he didn't want to pitch but wanted to catch. I had to explain that for that position he needed to be able to throw it back to the pitcher every time. I don't know how I will manage to take him to the park to practice everyday with two little ones but I will do it if it will help him improve and that's what he wants to do.

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The O'Connell Clan said...

You are such a wonderful mommy! Glad you had fun with friends! We might just have to go out and get you some catching gear! :-) I hear you about staying up too late...I need to work on that too, but it is just so nice to have all that time to myself!