Sunday, January 27, 2008


Before we came Texas, RyAnn asked me if I thought my boys would enjoy taking gymnastics while they were here. I wasn't too sure, especially Caleb, but said I would ask them. I was a little surprised when Caleb said he had always wanted to try gymnastics and Josiah always wants to try what Caleb does. They have both loved taking gymnastics while we've been here. Brock is in their class and Marcia, their coach, was my first boss. She is great with the boys, and I really enjoyed working for her.

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Dad said...

You go guys...looks like fun. Where is Levi in all this? don't leave him out of a double back, triple twisting, round house, half something or another.

And where is mom? As I recall she used to be a gymnast in her early days. Is that right honey?