Sunday, January 27, 2008

Six Flags: A Very Cold Day

Caleb and Aunt RyAnn on one of the scary rides

Caleb, Josiah, and Brock on the train

Nana, Braxton, and Aunt RyAnn

Caleb and Josiah

Nana got a really good deal on Six Flags tickets. The day we decided to use them, December 27, 2007, was very cold. The kids didn't seem to notice but I really didn't enjoy the cold weather. Caleb loved having Aunt RyAnn with him to ride some scary rides. We really could have used one more adult but no one complained, except me when I had had enough cold weather. Levi and I were there even though there are no pictures of us. The husbands were busy on this day.

1 comment:

Dad said...

Boys, you look like you had a ball. If I remember correctly Grandaddy and I were sitting at the house in the warmth while you guys were all out playing.

Maybe Grandaddy was even a little under the weather that day if I remember correctly.

We'll have to catch a roller coaster when it isn't freezing outside.

Love Ya!