Friday, March 21, 2008

Where Are We Now?

I'm sure you are all wondering what has happened to our family since I haven't posted in awhile. Currently, we are in Southern California. We've been at an rv park for the past week and a half. The boys are having a blast riding their bicycles, playing at the park, and searching for lizards. We've enjoyed spending time with friends. The boys had dentist appointments and it was brought to our attention that Caleb would need new expanders since his have expanded almost as far as possible. Levi has his one year check up next week. We are praying that his hole in his heart has healed.

I had my first pregnancy visit with my midwife this week. According to her calculations, I'm 16 weeks pregnant and due September 4th. This was the first time we've heard this baby's heartbeat. It was great to hear. Next week, we go back for a sonogram to make sure all looks well with our baby before we leave California. A week from today, we will leave for Texas and spend a few days there before going to Florida. Then, it's back to Texas for the rest of April.

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