Thursday, April 24, 2008

Caleb Turns 8!

I can't believe Caleb turned 8 today! I've been reflecting this evening on his life this far and I'm amazed at the boy he is becoming. I was so filled with love the first time I layed eyes on him. It was the most natural thing in the world to be his mother. I couldn't ever seem to hold him enough and took many opportunities to snuggle with him. Even as a toddler, he was such a joy to have around. He was my first and only baby for over five years and that will forever keep us connected. Just yesterday, we were having a "discussion" and I was able to tell him exactly what he was thinking. He was pretty shocked to discover that I knew what he was thinking. I explained to him that that's what happened when we spent so much time together just the two of us (during the day) for those five years and we're also the oldest children in our families.

Caleb is growing to be more and more like his Dad every day. He loves being outside and hunting for lizards. This year he lost his two top front teeth. He doesn't look like a little boy anymore. Since we weren't settled in one place this spring, he missed playing baseball but handled it well. He's looking forward to getting settled and signing up for baseball and basketball. He's also ready to ride his dirt bike and have plenty of room to explore. He has a definite opinion on clothes and we don't share the same taste. He has loved going to AWANAS at my parents' church while we have been in Texas. It's been wonderful to see him get so excited and motivated about learning scripture. It still makes my day when I get a big hug from him and hear, "I love you, Mom." He's very helpful around the house when asked like he's always been. He can't wait for Daddy to take him hunting which they are both eagerly hoping to go this year. I know the years are going to pass by quickly. I'm going to make a point to truly enjoy these next few years with him. Happy birthday Caleb!


The O'Connell Clan said...

Happy birthday! We can't believe that you are 8! We sure hope you had a wonderful day! What kind of cake did your mom make you this year? We are so excited for you to move to Florida so we can hear all about your hunting and dirt bike riding. You are such a stud and we truly miss having you 10 minutes away! Thank you for being you...happy birthday!!!!!!

Dan, Jessica, Kendra, and Drew

Bartley Family said...

Caleb - happy birthday! I remember the day that God brought you into the Mackey family - your parents loved you so much before you were even born. You have grown up to be such a nice young man and I know God has big plans for you in His kingdom! We love you - the Bartley family.