Sunday, April 13, 2008

Staying Busy

Levi really enjoyed eating the sand.

Josiah really bonded with Nana during this trip. He is always excited to see her and greets her with a big hug. At times, he will tell me that he needs Nana.

Caleb really enjoyed that the Atlantic Ocean was warmer than the Pacific.

A rare family picture.

Nana and Levi at the Loggerhead Marine Life Center.

Caleb enjoying this picture.

Levi and Daddy

We arrived safely in Texas 2 weeks ago. We have been pretty busy since then. Kerry, the boys, my mom, and I all went to Florida for a few days. I'll share more on that later. Kerry just got back from speaking in Maryland. The boys and I are working on having some since of normalcy but I'm not sure that's possible at this time. We are praying that we will be settled by mid May at the latest.

The boys continue to blossom. Caleb is so excited to be turning 8 on the 24th. It's hard to believe 8 years have already flown by. That means I have only 10 years until he goes to college, 8 years before he drives, and 4 years until he can babysit his brothers. He has been attending AWANAS at my parents' church whenever we've been in town. He has loved every minute of it. He's only been about 6 times and he's already completed one book. He has worked very hard and we're very proud of him.

We just cut Josiah's hair this week. I will have to take a picture. He really wanted his hair cut like Caleb's. Even though it's not that short, it's still short to me. He likes it alright, but I'm already thinking of growing it back, but only if he wants to. He's still full of life and has really enjoyed this week since I've finally started homeschooling him again a little each day. He told me last night that he wanted me to teach him. I was so happy to hear that.

Levi still isn't really walking. About a month ago, he would take one or two steps here and there but maybe only 3 times total. Finally, he started initiating taking one step on his own today. Hopefully, he'll get it down soon. He can say Mama and Dada but only when he wants to. I think he's smarter then we give him credit, never on cue. He loves clapping his hands to music and Kerry noticed tonight, that he claps to the beat. He also loves playing Caleb's guitar and can sit their for over 20 minutes at a time just playing. I think he may be our musical one. I'm already seeing guitar lessons in a couple of years.

Silas is still growing well. I've started to feel slight movements but it' so hard for me to tell for sure until I can actually feel them with my hand and see my stomach moving from the kicks. I have to admit that I'm glad we found out what we were having this time around. The bonding process has already started and it's so cute to hear Josiah refer to him as Silas. Life will be exciting with four boys running around the house.


The O'Connell Clan said...

Drew, Kendra, and I are sitting here looking at your picturs from Florida. Kendra thinks Levi is a silly guy for eating sand and Drew just keeps repeating all your names over and over. I am so glad your mom was able to go with you to Florida. Our moms truly are such a blessing to us! It is so special to hear the bond the kids now all have with your parents. How nice for Caleb to be able to enjoy the warmer water. Still cold water over here :-) And I know how rare those family pictures can be...what a great one! It is going to be amazing when Silas gets to be a part of the picture too! Those first feelings of the baby are always so amazing! I love that Josiah is wanting to learn now...Kendra still thinks it is the greatest thing in the world. Have a great day! Tell everyone hi!

Cindy Cates said...

Love seeing ya'll all together. What a great looking family!! I can't wait for Silas to join the crew.

Colorado Dreamin' said...

Those pics look wonderful! It is good to hear how things are going for you. Yes, time does go by quickly. With my oldest just turning 21 in Feb. that makes things come into prospective for me. JC turned 9 on Monday! They grow so fast! We start homeschooling again this summer, with our first field trip on our vacation in CO! yeah! I am going to start a homeschool blog to post all of their field trip and project pics. Should be fun! Love ya and glad your new little one is doing well! Yes, 4 boys should be quite the adventure!

Bartley Family said...

Looks fun - congrats on the new move. Loved the pics.