Monday, May 26, 2008

Levi Can Walk Like a Pro

It seemed like as soon as we arrived in Florida, Levi figured out the walking thing. I kept telling my mom that I would get a video of him walking. We finally got around to making the video this afternoon. He definitely has the walking thing down now and can maneuver around obstacles, i.e. Josiah almost running into him and toys on the floor. Here is the video. Please disregard the tv in the background and Josiah running around making lots of noise. I hope everyone has a relaxing Memorial Day.


Cindy Waller said...

He is walking so good! I miss seeing you guys everyday. I can't wait to see you in July. I am sure he will be running by then.

Love you,

The O'Connell Clan said...

Well bring a tear to my eye! Levi, you are so precious! I can't believe you are so big and walking. And walking very well I might add! Kendra and Drew both just came running over to see him on video. Ok, I think we need to do that more on our blogs...ok how do I do that? You are looking cute too...make sure to be taking pregnancy photos!

The Blake Family said...

Go Levi!! It is so fun to watch your kids grow up! I cannot believe he is walking now. Great to hear your voices too. Funny, we call Jackson "Bud" too!!

RyAnn said...

Way to go Levi! Braxton can't wait to run around with you!