Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A Promise Kept: Dinosaur Valley

All five boys standing by the T-rex

Brock, RyAnn, and Braxton

Brock, Caleb, Josiah, Me, and Levi

Back in January, Granddaddy and I took all five boys to Fossil Rim. While driving through Fossil Rim, Brock was looking at a "map." There was a small picture of one or two dinosaurs and he asked me what it was. I told him it was a picture telling about a place called Dinosaur Valley. He asked me if we could go that day and I explained that we couldn't go that day but that I would take him one day before went back to California (the plan at the time) for good. Obviously, we are not in California, but I did keep my promise and RyAnn and I took the boys the Monday before we left for Florida.

The boys had a great time. We ate a picnic lunch, played on the playground and saw dinosaur fossils. The boys really liked crossing the river to see the fossils. I think Caleb liked seeing the hurt baby bird the best. The forest ranger said that they had to leave it where it was or the mother bird might not come get it. We all felt pretty sad leaving the baby bird sitting all alone when we could see the nest. Hopefully, his mommy took care of him. All in all, we had a great day and the boys want to go back again.

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RyAnn said...

Thanks for keeping your promise to Brock. He NEVER forgets things, just like his Aunt Steph! He had a blast at Dinosaur Valley and still talks about it!