Friday, May 02, 2008

We Made It!

We made it to our destination in Florida on Monday evening. It was so nice to finally get here. Currently, we are staying in a church member's villa which is working out very well. It's a completely furnished 2 bedroom/2 bath villa. Coming from living in a camper for a couple of months and my parents' second floor of there house, this feels giant. We are now in the middle of house hunting.

Tuesday found the boys, Kerry, and I driving around a couple of different areas to decide which area we liked best and could see raising our family. Wednesday was a little more of the same but looking at specific houses on the outside and the lots that they were on. Yesterday, the boys and I went out with Renne, our realtor, to look at the houses. It was a little depressing to come out with only 2 or 3 possibilities. This was after looking at while we were in in April and then again when I came out with Levi to look the following week in April. I can't even tell you how many houses we've seen. We decided Kerry needed to see the houses to help make a final decision on our favorite. We met Renne if the afternoon and Kerry fell in love with the one I knew he would. I just couldn't figure how I would work with the layout of the house. Renne suggested we look at one more that we didn't see that morning. I had put it on my no list since it didn't have a bath in the master or a fireplace. We decided to go and check it out anyway. We fell in love with the house even though it was missing those two features. Now we're in the process of making an offer. Hopefully, we'll know something soon.

Today has been a pleasant day for the boys and I. We have been able to have a normal school day with no house hunting in which the boys are thankful. They have been great being dragged everywhere but I know they will be glad to be truly settled once and for all. We are waiting to get into a house before we send for our things in California. It will be like a big Christmas for the boys since it will have been 6 months since they have seen most of their toys. I have to admit that I am ready to feel settled too.

Currently, I've been trying to find a midwife today that delivers in a hospital. I called the hospital that will be closest to us and the lady I spoke with was very helpful in referring me to a group that has several midwives. After that, it's looking for a pediatrician and a dentist for Kerry and I and one for the boys. Lots of fun things to do. At least we should be nice and settled before Silas arrives. I can hardly wait!


The O'Connell Clan said...

Oh I am so glad you guys are having a some what normal day! Wonderful! God is so good to surprise you with a house you didn't even know you all wanted! I love it! Praying you get it! Let me know how the doctor hunting goes!

Colorado Dreamin' said...

Sounds wonderful! I am glad you found the house that you wanted! I hope you are able to find all the doctors you need without much worry! Keep us updated! Are you showing yet???

Kristen said...

I am so glad that you are on your way to getting more settled in! And congrats on finding a house...can't wait to hear more about it.

The Blake Family said...

Sounds like you are on your way to being settled! I'm glad that you made it safely and have found a house. Good luck with everything.

Amy said...

Moving is such work - and I've never done it with 3 boys! I'm glad you're on your way to feeling more settled. By the way, do you know that about 1 year after we moved to Southern California, you guys headed that direction. And now, almost 1 year after we moved to the other side of I-10, you're on the same coast as us again. It begs the question: "Are you following us?"