Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Granddad is Coming

My Dad is coming to spend a few days with us today. The boys and I are extremely excited that he will be here by dinner time. We've been cleaning, have groceries to buy, and need to fit school in after groceries. We'll get it all done. It's fun to hear what the boys have planned while Granddad is here. Josiah wants to go to the zoo with Granddaddy and Caleb wants to take him swimming. I'm surprised they didn't mention Putt-Putt since that is something they always do when they visit Granddaddy. Maybe they don't realize that there probably is a miniature golf place around here, not just in Texas.

In other news, only 4 days until we move into our house. I don't think Josiah fully understands that he will be seeing all of his things shortly. He thinks the twin beds in the place we are staying will be coming with us and that will be his bed. Caleb is excited to finally be "home." I like hearing his views on how long we will live in the house. At one time, he said 8 years and another time he mentioned like 150 something days. I explained that 150 days was not long at all. He seemed to understand and then changed his time frame to 5 years. However long, it will finally be nice to have a place to call home.

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The O'Connell Clan said...

Enjoy every moment with your dad! He is such a blessing to you all. Can't wait to hear all you did together! I love that you are just days away from being home! Miss you all!