Sunday, July 20, 2008

Back in Texas: Vacation in San Antonio

This past Monday, we loaded up the boys in the van and headed to Texas. We have been blessed with great travelers! We were able to make it to San Antonio in two days of hard driving. We met my parents, RyAnn, Nate, Brock and Braxton in San Antonio. The hotel we stayed at had a lazy river with a beach and a large swimming pool complete with a big slide. We took one day to go to Sea World. This was Josiah and Levi's first time to visit Sea World. All the boys had a great time! Kerry is already back in Florida while the boys and I will stay in Texas for a few more days.

On Tuesday, we arrived around dinner time to the hotel. My family already had dinner ready when we finally arrived. Nana met us at the door and Levi just stared at her. When Granddad came around the corner, Levi reached out his arms. After dinner, we all went to the lazy river and pool. I had already told the boys we probably wouldn't swim that evening so they were very excited when they were told by loving grandparents that we were all going swimming.
Caleb in the pool

Wednesday, my Dad and I celebrated our birthdays together. My Dad turned 60 years old this year and I'm feeling more over the hill each day at the ripe old age of 32. We spent a leisurely day by the pool, eating, sleeping, and swimming again. The boys loved the fact that they got to swim three times in one day.

Josiah playing in the sand

Levi enjoys smiling for the camera these days

Thursday was the day set aside for Sea World. Caleb and Daddy rode the Steel Eel roller coaster two times. When they met us back after the first time, Caleb said it was so scary and went on and on about how he would never ride it again. When we returned that evening after naps, he asked Dad to take him on it again. He said he had to try a different seat the second time and that it was just as scary. But if you ask him if he would ride it again, he'd say yes and tell you all about his previous experiences. Josiah rode the log ride with Brock, Uncle Nate, and Aunt RyAnn for the first time and liked it. We were all ready for a good night's rest that evening.

The entire family at Sea World

Caleb after feeding the dolphins

Levi, Granddad, and Nana

Josiah and Levi

Levi and Daddy

Mommy with her boys

Daddy with his boys after watching Shamu

On Friday, we could once again be found at the pool before lunch. After lunch, Uncle Nate, Aunt RyAnn, Brock and Braxton left to return to Arlington. That evening, we went to the Riverwalk for dinner. We were enjoying a nice dinner until we heard a scream from the lady at the table next to us along with a lot of movement. The next thing we know, a mouse is crawling under our table! I was ready to lose my dinner. We concluded our evening by going to the IMAX to see the 3D Dinosaur movie. I was concerned that Josiah might be a little overwhelmed, but he did great! Levi fell asleep part way through the movie.

Josiah, Nana, and Caleb at the "Mouse Restaurant"

Yesterday, we took Kerry to the airport and then the boys and I drove the 6 plus hours to Gladewater to see Granny. Levi had a fever on Friday and Josiah caught it yesterday. We decided to take it easy today and relax around the house so as not to spread their germs. We will head to Arlington tomorrow to spend a few more days with my family before we drive back to Florida. We're enjoying our time seeing family.


The Blake Family said...

Looks like you guys had a wonderful time! I love the picture of you with your four boys!! Great pic!!

The Blake Family said...

Looks like you guys had a wonderful time! I love the picture of you with your four boys!! Great pic!!

Colorado Dreamin' said...

That is wonderful. I love all the pics! and you don't look like you have 10 weeks to go! I was HUGE by then, if you remember, lol. You carry very nicely! You all look wonderful!