Monday, July 21, 2008

What Makes a Day Good?

What makes a day good?
1. Waking up at Granny's house in Gladewater knowing that our clothes have lovingly been washed and neatly folded.
2. Knowing my boys had a great couple of days spending time with Granny.
3. Getting to go to my favorite restaurant for lunch in Longview, TX - Posados.
4. Driving to Arlington with children sleeping or watching a movie the entire 2 and 1/2 hours.
5. Getting to talk to Jessica on the phone as I drove.
6. Seeing my parents newly remodeled kitchen.
7. Taking Josiah shopping to see what he wants for his birthday.
8. Finding a picture frame for Josiah's picture from last year.
9. Eating a home cooked meal by my mom (food always tastes better when she cooks it).
10. Seeing cousins playing together and taking turns with toys.
11. Seeing Levi's face light up when he sees Granddad.
12. Hearing Josiah's exclamation of joy over being home with Nana.
13. Watching Caleb's excitement over finding a frog in my parents' yard.
14. Getting to take a bath instead of a shower.
15. Not crying all day which is rare these days.
16. Knowing in a few minutes I will spend some quiet time with God in the stillness and coolness of the night/house.


The Blake Family said...

Great post...sometimes, it's the little things that make the best day...the little things that we sometimes miss! Thanks for reminding me of that!

Colorado Dreamin' said...

What a great insight you have on all the little blessings God gives you each day. Thanks for reminding us to look at each thing and see the blessing in it.

The O'Connell Clan said...

What a day! I am so glad God met you right where you needed him! Miss you!