Thursday, August 07, 2008

36 Weeks: A Change of Plans

I am now in my 36th week of this pregnancy. It has definitely been a journey this far. I have been blessed with a wonderful pregnancy but finding the right person to bring Silas into the world has been overwhelming to say the least. Originally, I assumed we would be back in California for the birth of Silas. I had no problems with that since I loved my midwife Lisa and the boys' pediatrician, Dr. Bob.

As you know, God had a different plan for our lives, one including a move all the way across the country to Florida. My original plan was to find a midwife for a hospital birth but I had trouble getting anyone in the area to call me back. It was quite frustrating, many tears involved. Then I tried two different ob/gyns and came out in tears after each visit. I really started struggling with the thought of a hospital birth and could never get a peace that that was where we were supposed to be for the birth of Silas. So, after much prayer on our parts, we have decided on a homebirth. God led us to a great licensed/certified midwife that makes me feel so much better than I have in the past couple of months.

I will admit that I'm slightly nervous about a completely natural birth without pain medication but several people I have spoken with have been honest and encouraging at the same time. Aside from being nervous, I am so excited about after Silas arrives. I will be at home with my family and not need to be separated from any of them. I know I will be so much more relaxed knowing I'm in my own home. It should be exciting! I can hardly wait to meet Silas face to face!


The Blake Family said...

I am glad that you have a peace about it. I had Jackson naturally. I have nothing to compare it with, since he is our only, but I have told many people that the labor and delivery experience was wonderful (I mean, other than him coming 6 weeks prior to his due date!). You can do it! Congratulations on the, just take it easy for the next 4 weeks before Silas comes!

RyAnn said...

We can"t wait to meet him either!

The O'Connell Clan said...

We too can't wait to meet him face to face! I still sit here all the time, as in today, and to be honest, reality hasn't truly hit in that you guys are really gone. I know that it has been a while but I just keep thinking the RV is going to show up back in front of our house...we drove by your old house today. Shouldn't have done that but I couldn't help myself. Needless to say, we all miss you!

I am so excited that Silas is going to come into this world right where he belongs, at home, with his family!

I am so proud of you for sticking with your instinct and letting the holy spirit lead you in knowing what is and isn't right for your family!

Colorado Dreamin' said...

That is amazing! I can't wait to hear how that goes! I didn't have any home births but my last two were completely med free and I loved it that way. I was so much more allert afterwards and I am glad I did it that way. I have a wonderful coach (John, of course) who helped me stay strong and never left my side! He even cried when our little girl was born! So sweet! I know that you will have a wonderful experience all together! Oh, and our oldest was there for the birth of our youngest! Way special!

I can't believe you only have 4 weeks to go!!! That is unreal!

Kristi said...

ok so you are more woman than me!! haha! I couldn't do it--
How is Florida?