Monday, August 11, 2008

Boys Living in Paradise

I think we live in a boy's paradise! Part of me wants to say, we live on only 1 acre of land but then knowing how small of yard we had in California, an acre is huge. In the short time we have lived in this house, the boys are already having a blast, especially Caleb and Josiah. I love the fact that the acre is completely fenced, front and back which allows for a lot of room to play. The boys enjoy riding their dirt bikes when Daddy gets home from work. They also like to shoot their bows that Daddy brought home from the store one day.

Josiah can often be seen on his 4-wheeler riding all over the place. We also put the training wheels back on Caleb's old bicycle. Josiah now thinks he is a big boy since he can ride a big bicycle. He also likes to swim in the pool. He does notice the heat and if it's too hot, he will come inside and express how hot it is outside.

Caleb would live outside if we would let him. He has found numerous creatures outside. He has found snakes (much to my dismay), tadpoles, frogs (by the thousands), lizards, rabbits, hawks, and skinks. I'm sure I've left some creature out. He also enjoys riding his dirtbike, bicycle, and scooter. He would probably swim everyday if I would let him. It's great to know that he's getting so much outside time and enjoying it.

Little Levi wishes I would let him live outside as well. Unfortunately for him, I am not comfortable with sending him outside alone with his brothers. I do my best to let him go outside each day but it never seems to be enough. Sometimes he can be found at the back of the property by the time I finish bringing in groceries. He throws a fit almost each time the boys go outside without him. He also will throw a fit when Daddy tells him his turn is finished on the dirt bike. He loves bubbles and overall just enjoys watching what is going on outside. The previous owners left a swing in the back and he would swing for a very long time. Too bad it doesn't swing itself. I probably should place a chair next to the swing.


Colorado Dreamin' said...

It looks like God put you exactly where you needed to be! He is so good at that!

The Blake Family said...

So much fun for little boys!! How wonderful for you to be able to let them out to run around! And yes, I think you should place a chair next to the should not be on your feet long these days. Good luck as you round the end of your pregnancy. Can't wait to hear of the arrival of little Silas!

Lasho said...

I love that dirt bike, looks like a blast!

RyAnn said...

That looks SO fun! I can't wait until we can and visit! I am so glad the boys are loving their new home!