Sunday, August 31, 2008


Levi's First Haircut - It would not have happened without the help of Nana. I didn't want anything too drastic and I was pleased with the results. I will have to get a few more pictures since his hair never stays to the side and it makes him look completely different. He wasn't exactly happy with getting his haircut even though he was sitting in my lap, holding a suck while holding two pacifiers. It's now done and I won't have to worry about his hair for awhile now.

I never like cutting Josiah's hair since it's so pretty. Fortunately, we were able to take just enough off so it doesn't bother him. He's pleased with the results and I'm glad he didn't want it cut as short as Caleb's.

Caleb is full of surprises. His original plan was to just get it trimmed and keep it a little longer. Once he looked in some books, he asked if he could get this haircut. It wasn't a mohawk so I didn't complain, especially knowing that this is probably the only time he will spike his hair up. He likes the idea of this haircut but he never fixes it like this once it's cut.


The O'Connell Clan said...

They all look so handsome! They are all ready for their baby brother to join them!

RyAnn said...

I love the haircuts! They look great! Now we need one last pregnant photo of their mama!

The Walkers said...

Adorable boys--all of them! I have always thought and even more so now that Levi reminds me of the Bailey boys when they were younger. Can't wait to see picks of the next little one.