Friday, September 26, 2008

He's Back!

My Dad arrived here in Florida on Tuesday. It felt great to finally be able to get out of the car and take the boys in to the airport to greet Granddaddy. These past few visits from my parents have involved me being stuck at home or not having the energy to walk them into the airport. We enjoyed dinner out with him before heading to the house.

Wednesday was the day I had a follow up x-ray and doctor's appointment to have my stint removed. Since Kerry was at work, my Dad braved taking care of all four boys at once. It is very frustrating knowing that I've had to leave Silas so much in his short life, but I'm thankful that it's either been Kerry or my parents to take care of him. The boys did great for Granddad while I was gone. Silas slept the entire time. Levi took a pretty good nap. I think Caleb was outside the entire time and Josiah came in and out throughout that time. I had a really nice lady who took my x-ray. She showed me where my stint was and what looked like a couple of kidney stones in my kidney on the x-ray. At my doctor's appointment, Dr. Brown removed my stint. I'll spare you the details. But I was so glad to have it out. I noticed a difference right away.

Thursday morning I was determined to get the boys out just in case I started having pain due to passing the kidney stones. Granddad and I took all the boys to play miniature golf and to eat lunch. It wasn't a relaxing outing but the boys did pretty good for the most part. Levi liked throwing his golf ball or trying to take Granddad's away and Josiah and Caleb seemed to constantly be arguing. Caleb wanted to tell Josiah what to do and Josiah didn't want to hear it. Three out of the four boys took good afternoon naps. I did start having minor back pains but nothing major and some of the broken up stones have come out. Yeah! I'm sure that's what you all want to hear, but it's so nice to think that I'm almost back to normal. Thursday evening, we all participated in Silas' first official bath. He tolerated it. I'm sure he will enjoy being in the big bathtub a whole lot better than the baby bathtub.

Today, the boys let me sleep late. It was nice to just snuggle with Silas until I heard the constant slamming of doors from boys coming in and out. We've taken it easy around the house today. The boys have enjoyed playing outside. Levi loved having Granddad push him on the swing. Josiah enjoyed it too. Caleb is having a blast riding his dirt bike. I hope he doesn't bother the neighbors too much. Silas has done a pretty good job letting Granddad hold him. At times though, Granddad could be seen walking up and down the halls with Silas while I tried to get something done. Levi doesn't seem to mind sharing me but didn't like when Granddad was holding Silas last night. We had to trade boys and Levi snuggled up with Granddad and went to sleep. We take Granddad back to the airport in a couple of hours. It's great to finally almost feel normal again, but we will miss him. We probably won't see him again until Christmas. I'm already counting the days.


The Blake Family said...

Looks like another great visit. I'm hoping you get to feeling better and back to "normal" real soon!

The O'Connell Clan said...

I am so glad to hear that some of the broken parts are out of you! What a relief. You are going to forget what it feels like to be that normal person :-) I just love the bonding time your kids are getting with your dad! Tell Caleb we would love to live next door to him and hear the dirt bike constantly, although I can just hear Drew constantly asking if he can go ride too! You have to tell Caleb that Kendra is learning how to do the hand brake and the gas with training wheels on the 50.