Thursday, September 18, 2008

I'm Home

The surgery went well today. I arrived at 7am and the hospital staff was already waiting for me. As soon as I arrived on the second floor, I was asked if I was Dr. Brown's patient. I was immediately sent for an x-ray where I sat and waited for about 20 minutes until they called my name. I was the only one there so I'm not sure what took so long. I think the day surgery nurse was wondering where I had gone. On a funny note, the nurse told me that I would need to take a pregnancy test. I gave a chuckle and said that was fine but I had just had a baby two weeks ago and there was no possible way I could be pregnant. I had to sign a form declining the pregnancy test. Crazy! I didn't have to wait long. I changed into a lovely hospital gown only to have my milk come pouring in. Fortunately, I brought and ice pack and bottle in order to pump and save the liquid gold.

According to Dr. Brown, the surgery went well. The worst parts were the large i.v. needle going into my arm - larger than any I've ever had, the cold surgical room and recovery room, and the sore throat I now have. The surgery itself appeared to go fine. I go back on Wednesday for another x-ray and then hopefully, they will remove the stint in the office. I was very fortunate to get a good anesthesiologist who told me I could nurse after I had pumped and dumped once. What a blessing it was to have him as my anesthesiologist versus the one on Monday who said I would have to wait 48 hours. As soon as they told me to wake up I made sure to open my eyes and force myself to stay awake. I figured the sooner I woke up the sooner I could go home. Kerry and the boys were able to come and pick me up at about 11am to take me home. I'm now home and trying to take it easy.


Anonymous said...

I am glad you are home and doing well. Make sure you rest and take care of yourself.

Love Ya,

Bartley Family said...

I think mom's advice is best - rest and enjoy your babies! Glad it went well, prayed for you several times today as I saw Kerry's facebook updates on my phone.

The Walkers said...

What a hectic couple of weeks! When it is all done and everything is calm again you will surely treasure the peace. Take Care, K

The Blake Family said...

Glad everything went well. Hope the next procedure goes just as well, and you can have all of this behind you and enjoy your boys in comfort!

Mandy said...

Glad this part is behind you. Hope everything goes well with the stint too. You are such a trooper.