Friday, September 19, 2008

Sweet Silas

Silas is now 2 weeks and 2 days old. I feel terrible that I haven't taken as many pictures of just him as I have the other boys at this age. I'm always trying to get pictures of him with different people. One of my goals this week is going to be to take more pictures of just Silas by himself.

Having Silas home for 2 weeks has given me the opportunity to get to know his little personality a little better. He does not like to have his diaper changed. He always makes a big fuss. I'm sure he will get used to this in the weeks to come and settle down. His umbilical cord stump fell off during the night so that is one less thing to bother him with. He loves to nurse about every 1 to 3 hours. It depends on if he's napping how long between feedings. If he's eaten and then and hour later he's ready for a nap, he likes to nurse to sleep. He seems to be a little off on his sleep at night. About once a night, he tends to have to poop and then once I clean him all up, he's wide awake. I just settle him next to me and I assume he looks around until he's tired. I tend to fall asleep before he goes back to sleep. If he doesn't need to poop, he just wakes up enough to eat and then drifts peacefully back to sleep.

He's been such a wonderful addition to our family. Overall, he's pretty laid back as you can tell in the picture above. But he has no problems letting you know what he needs. Once I figure it out, he settles down very quickly. He only fusses when he needs something which is either to be held, eat, sleep, or a diaper change. The major difference in Silas compared to my other three is that he spits up. My other three rarely spit up. I think Silas has spit up more these two weeks than all three of my others in their first years of life combined. He doesn't seem to complain about it so it must not bother him too much.

All the boys are continuing to do well having Silas home. For Caleb and Josiah, he's just another baby around the house that doesn't affect their outside playtime. Levi is still fascinated with him. He never gets tired of talking sweetly to him, kissing him, or holding him. If Levi was just a little older, I'm sure he would sit and hold him all day long if I would let him.

We had our first official outing as a family of six the night before my surgery. We went out to dinner. I was expecting a little chaos but they all surprised me with how well they did. We now know that a later dinner is better for our boys than an early dinner. They had played outside most of the afternoon. Silas slept the entire time as I held him. Levi was so excited to be sitting by Daddy and the two big boys were tired enough to be quiet and hungry too. When our food arrived you could here a pin drop the boys were so quiet eating dinner. Although Josiah did drop his ice cream and cried so the entire restaurant could hear him, I'm glad to know we will be able to eat out again with four boys and enjoy it.


The Blake Family said...

Great to hear that things are going well as a family of six!!

The O'Connell Clan said...

I am so glad things are going well! I would love to see Levi with sweet. And you went to dinner as a family of 6...very exciting! Tell the boys all hi!