Friday, September 12, 2008

Uncle Kent's Visit

Uncle Kent with Silas Kent

Uncle Kent with Levi

Caleb, Silas, and Uncle Kent

Uncle Kent, Silas, Caleb, Levi, Daddy, and Josiah

Uncle Kent, Josiah, Caleb, and Daddy

Last Friday evening my Mom and Uncle Kent arrived. Kerry and Caleb went to pick them up at the airport while Josiah and Levi had already crashed from the busy day. Silas had decided on Friday that he liked eating all day long. I'll write more about my mom's visit later since this post is all about Uncle Kent's visit.

Caleb had been counting the days/hours until Dad's brother came. By the time they arrived home from the airport, Caleb was glued to his Uncle Kent. Josiah and Levi weren't too sure about Uncle Kent first thing in the morning but throughout the day, they started to warm up. Silas, due to hunger, tolerated small doses of being held by anyone except Mommy.

Saturday late morning found Uncle Kent treating the two big boys and Daddy to an air boat ride. They had a blast! They even saw some alligators which made Caleb's day. The boys came home and went swimming. They also showed Uncle Kent how they could ride their dirt bikes. They had one busy day.

It was really special to introduce Silas to Uncle Kent especially since he's named after his Uncle Kent. Unfortunately, time went by quickly and Kent was gone Sunday morning before the boys woke up. Uncle Kent knows he's welcome back anytime. He made such an impression on the boys that I'm sure they'll be talking about his visit for months to come.

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