Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Kerry Turns 38!

Happy Birthday Kerry! Kerry turns 38 today! Here are 38 things that makes him so special to me.
1. You are a brother in Christ.
2. You're relationship with Christ is the most important thing in your life.
3. You listen to what God wants you to do.
4. You provide for our family.
5. You love me.
6. Without you, there would not be a Caleb.
7. Without you, there would not be a Josiah.
8. Without you, there would not be a Levi.
9. Without you, there would not be a Silas.
10. You have demonstrated more than once this year what the vows "in sickness" me while taking care of me and the boys.
11. You spend time playing with our boys.
12. You are showing our boys what it means to be men of integrity.
13. After 10 years of marriage, you still call me during the day to see how we're doing.
14. You let me be the mother I have always wanted to be.
15. You don't mind snuggling up with our boys at night when they need you (not all Dad's would do that).
16. You don't complain if nothing is prepared for dinner when you get home at night.
17. You don't mind that I'm a picky eater.
18. You make me feel safe wherever we are, even in a gas station that makes you pay to use their bathroom and has a huge barrier between the customers and employee.
19. You let me homeschool the boys.
20. You understand that it's important for me to see my family as often as possible.
21. You stand up for what is right and are not ashamed.
22. You are a man of integrity.
23. You are straightforward and give me a straight answer even if it's not what I want to hear but need to hear.
24. You don't hesitate to help a friend in need and have demonstrated that ever since I met you.
25. You are a great leader.
26. You never meet a stranger.
27. You don't complain when I sleep late.
28. You are good with outdoor stuff such as camping, hiking, etc.
29. You are selfless.
30. You let me pick out my own presents and don't have a problem with that.
31. You are patient.
32. You take the trash out to the curb.
33. You love your Mother.
34. You love my family.
35. You bring me joy.
36. You understand that it's important for me to be able to stay at home with our boys.
37. You listen to me even if it's not something that interests you.
38. You are the best husband any girl could ever ask for! Happy 38th Birthday!


Anonymous said...

My Wife ROCKS! Love Ya BABE

Kerry Mackey said...

Last comment by me, "Kerry".

Panda-Mom said...

Happy Birthday my fellow '89er! I turned 38 last month. Where did all the time go??? The whole family looks great!