Thursday, November 13, 2008

Random Things

* Josiah fell asleep in the box again the following night. He probably would have continued except there were clothes in it last night.

* I got bangs. I'm still learning how to fix them. Still trying to decide if I like them. I wanted a change just like I do after each baby is born. Just never been this drastic. Caleb is smart. He says the bangs make me look younger.

* While trying to fix my new hairstyle yesterday, Levi fell asleep on the floor in my room. I thought he might have slipped outside quietly. I searched through the entire house before coming back to my room to find him sound asleep on the floor. Poor baby!

*Caleb is starting to learn Algebra and I'm teaching him. He's only in third grade. I didn't learn this stuff until at least 7th grade.

*What does it mean when your husband says, "I'll have to get used to it." in regards to your haircut? It didn't bother me though. I know I surprised him. He didn't even know I was getting my haircut. He likes surprises, and he likes constant change.

* Levi's learning to pee-pee in the potty. We started this a few weeks ago. No big pressure, just getting used to the process so that when his body is ready it will be a smooth transition. We've done this with the other two boys as well.

* Silas rolled over the other day. Can't decide whether to document it since he hasn't done it again. I tend to wait until it happens twice in one day to count it.

* I'm really tired. If only I would go to sleep as soon as everyone else was asleep I know I wouldn't feel as tired. I always get this burst of energy once the house is quiet.

* The humidity is so thick here we had to close our windows. California spoiled me.

*Our ice maker stopped working a few weeks before Silas was born. Then it started working again. Then it stopped working for almost 2 months. Now today it is working again. I have no idea why.

*Only 43 more days until the boys and I are in Texas again!!

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