Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tagged: 6 Random Things

I was tagged to list six random things about myself. So, here it goes.

1. I am a very, very picky eater. I don't like pizza, spaghetti, fish, vegetables - except corn, and I don't like things mixed together. There is more that I don't like than I do like.

2. I used to hang Christmas lights with my Dad every year until either I was married or was pregnant with Caleb (only a year difference) and wasn't allowed to climb on the ladder. Very fun memories.

3. I love watching home movies, especially when I convince my Dad to set up the old version with the screen and all and see our family when I was a little girl.

4. I actually miss California. I'm surprised it grew on me so much over the 2 and a half years we were there. It was so gradual that I didn't realize I would miss it so much until I was gone. Plus, my dearest friend lives there.

5. I love the tradition of dying Easter eggs. I only missed one or two years after I was married until Caleb was born. Even during college, my mom would boil the eggs and I would dye them. I even hunted Easter eggs in our backyard during high school. My sister was mortified that I still thought that was fun. And the eggs must be dyed on the Saturday night before Easter or it just doesn't make sense to me.

6. I dream of becoming a runner and being very fit. All that's standing in my way now is a double jogging stroller. If only it was that easy, I'd go buy a stroller yesterday.


The Blake Family said...

Cool...neat to know these things about you. I remember some of them from college but the others were new. That running thing...I got the jogging stroller (a single) in hopes of someday running a half marathon or even a marathon...seems to still be a dream...not necessarily in the making!! However, I love the jogger stroller and love WALKING with it!!

Anonymous said...

Steph is going to flip out when I give her the money for a double stroller.

Colorado Dreamin' said...

Fun! It was neat reading some random things about you. You write so much about the boys and so little about you. But that is being a mom! We kind of forget about ourselves for a time.

Amy said...

I remember the picky eating from college! I still think of you when I get a "perfect" batch of french fries - just the right amount of crispy. Then I think, "Stephanie would love these...."

The O'Connell Clan said...

Oh friend how I miss you! I miss you being picky and the fact that you made me pickier...I miss how you love making memories for your family (and ours)...I miss you being here...I miss that you think silly things are fun...I miss us growing together in the Lord (not that we can't still do this and encourage one another but it was always so wonderful in person)...and well this running thing, this is new. Well I have to say I have the same vision here and there. I hear of people doing marathons to support cancer and other various causes and I keep thinking, I want to do that someday. Problem is I do have a double stroller but I don't know if my body can run :-)