Sunday, December 28, 2008

Update on Levi

Levi is doing much better today. He slept great last night unlike his big brother Josiah who kept crying during the night. I never could figure out what was wrong, but once he was settled he slept until 10:00am. Levi woke like nothing had ever happened. Originally, we were planning on going to my parents' church this morning but decided to stay home and get some rest. Levi had other plans and cried when Granddad left for church. After seeing what good spirits he was in, we decided to get ready for church. Caleb and Levi went with my mom to Sunday School. My mom teaches Levi's age and since he didn't want to wait any longer, he went. This was his first time ever in Sunday School. My mom said he had fun and that Caleb did great serving as a helper in the class. I think the little ones loved him playing with them.

Church went very well. We were able to stay in the service almost the entire time, the first in three years for me. I'm typically in the parent's room somewhere or when we were in California sitting outside. Levi took a short nap on Nana and Silas slept through most of the service. I was most impressed with Josiah who has always had a difficult time sitting still and remaining quiet. He did so good sitting still and listening. Caleb was there too but he's old enough to know how to behave. My mom got up once with Levi for less than five minutes but other than that, we were all in the service. It was a small glimpse of the future when we can all sit in the main worship center together as a family without having to leave during part of the service.

After church, RyAnn and her family came over to my parents' house for lunch. I took the boys out after lunch to let them play in the front yard for about an hour. Then they were to content to come in and relax. Silas is napping with Nana. Levi's sleeping in the crib so he won't roll off the bed. Josiah and Caleb both decided to watch separate movies on their new DVD players they got from Nana and Granddad for Christmas. All is quiet in the house on a Sunday afternoon.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

11 Stitches Later

The boys and I have been in Texas since the evening of the 25th. I'll post more about our Christmas later, but thought I'd share about precious Levi tonight. This afternoon, Levi was playing in the backyard with his brothers. I was sitting right inside where I could see everything that was happening. What I wasn't expecting was to see Levi walk in the way of a moving two person swing and get knocked in the face. I ran to pick him up and found blood on his face. I regret to say and was not calm in the beginning, yelling that I needed help. Fortunately we are with my parents and my dad was there quickly. Granddad rushed him to the kitchen quickly assessing that a trip to the emergency room was necessary.

I was trying to think through things quickly to give out directions for my other three children. While Granddad, Levi and I left for the hospital, my sister came and picked up Caleb and Josiah. Then my mom and Silas came to the hospital so that I could nurse Silas when he got hungry. We arrived at about 4:30pm and left around 9:00 or 9:30pm. It's a blur now. In the end, Levi had to have 11 stitches, 6 that dissolve on their own and 5 that will need to be removed next week. Levi was such a trooper. He did cry but would just sit there and let Granddad or I hold him. We're all glad to be back home.

Before Nana and Silas came to the hospital, she sat down and talked to Josiah and Caleb to make sure they were okay. Caleb asked if Levi was going to die which Nana quickly assured him he would not and Josiah was reassured that we understood that he could not stop the swing and he didn't mean to hurt Levi. I think Josiah will remember the incident more than Levi. It was so sweet when we all got home tonight. One of the last things Levi did before going to sleep was to walk up to Josiah and give him a hug. I think that was his way of saying I love you and know you didn't mean for me to get hurt. It brings tears to my eyes thinking about it. Now that everyone is alseep, it's my turn. Goodnight.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Friday, December 19, 2008

Stay a Little Longer

It appears that my blog is finally working. On Monday my Dad came to visit. The boys were so excited to see him but were a little disappointed that he was only staying one night. Granddad was great in helping me finish most of my Christmas shopping. He kept the boys entertained in the stores we visited. He also helped me get a new cell phone since mine was no longer working. Levi got an early Christmas present from Nana and Granddad, a little 4 wheeler. We didn't want to have to figure out how to get it from Texas to Florida. He loves it!

Granddad was supposed to return home on Tuesday evening. After he sat in the airport for a few hours, his flight was canceled. The boys were thrilled to get to spend a little extra time with him before he actually went home. He left early Wednesday morning before the boys woke up. We were sad to see him go but are thrilled that we will be back in Texas next week.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Not Working Right

My blog doesn't appear to be working correctly. I've been trying all week to upload pictures , but I'm not even given that option. Just thought I'd try and see if I can actually post something.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

An Update of 4 Boys

Wow! Where has the time gone the past couple of weeks? We haven't been out much but life still seems busy. I can't seem to keep the house clean or clothes washed, but I am getting things ready for Christmas and we're staying caught up with school. It's been awhile since I've given an update on all of the boys.

Caleb is still doing well in school. He's currently really good at math and enjoys science. He continues to draw the most amazing pictures. I keep meaning to post some samples but have yet to get around to it. He enjoys creating ramps to jump for his bicycle. He practices almost everyday on his bicycle. His passion for snakes and lizards is still just as strong as ever. He will show me different pictures of snakes sharing how beautiful they look or pointing out certain characteristics of them. I can't really agree but try to be supportive. He really wants Kerry to take him hunting one of these days. It just hasn't happened yet.

Josiah got a new bicycle before Thanksgiving. His first bicycle broke and since he rode it everyday and big brother had a little to do with the breaking of his old bicycle, we got him a new bicycle. It is slightly bigger than his first bike and it did take him 2 days to get used to a bigger bicycle. Now, he's riding all over the property. He's even jumping small ramps. He enjoys doing school like his big brother and he'll even ask me if I don't plan for his school on a day that Caleb has school.

Levi is at such a fun stage in life. He makes us laugh. He still loves playing string guitars so much that his fingers blister. He has learned how to open the door to the garage and can be found running outside if Caleb and Josiah are outside playing. He still runs around singing at the top of his lungs. He continues to be so good with Silas. He watches closely when Josiah has his school time and wants to participate. So, it looks like preschool will be in full force next year.

Silas is rolling over quite a bit. He started rolling over consistently the week before Thanksgiving on that Wednesday. He sleeps on his tummy when he's sleeping alone and recently started waking himself up when he rolls over. He snuggles up next to me at night and nurses when he's hungry. He loves to be talked to and will smile and talk back in return. He really is a great baby, pretty easy going for the most part. He also still enjoys hanging out in the sling when we're out and when we're at home. He's not really interested in toys yet. He's content to watch all the action that happens with his three brothers.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Uncle Kent Visits: Part 2 - Silas' First Trip to the Beach

On Tuesday, the boys and I took Uncle Kent to the beach. It was a cool day for Florida but the ocean is a sight I never grow tired of seeing. Plus, the beach was practically vacant. Even though it was cool, it didn't stop Josiah and Caleb from getting wet. They also had a great time playing in the sand.

Josiah enjoyed playing in the sand.

Uncle Kent and Silas

It took Levi some time before he was ready to get down and play. He didn't want to get wet though and got upset when he did get wet.

Silas' first trip to the beach. He must have enjoyed it since he didn't complain.

Caleb enjoyed digging a large hole and looking at all the sea shells on the beach.

Caleb, Uncle Kent, Levi, and Josiah

Uncle Kent Visits: Part 1

Uncle Kent came to visit this past week. Kerry just took him to the airport yesterday. We all had a great time while he was here. The boys kept him so busy I'm sure he's ready to sleep for a week!

Uncle Kent arrived on Thanksgiving Day. The Allisons also joined us for Thanksgiving. They have two teenage boys and my boys thought they were so cool. This is the only picture I took on Thanksgiving Day. I couldn't forget that this was Silas' first Thanksgiving.

Friday morning Silas and I got up very very early to go shopping. We made it home before the boys woke up and we had been shopping for 4 hours! That morning, Uncle Kent gave the boys an early Christmas present pictured below. Uncle Kent, Kerry, Caleb, and Josiah spent the afternoon at the gun range trying out the new gun. Caleb is so ready to go hunting.

Saturday, the boys enjoyed riding dirt bikes before church. Levi soon discovered that all he had to do is cry and point to the dirt bike and Uncle Kent would take him riding. Every time they stopped Levi would cry to ride some more. He even fell asleep once riding with Uncle Kent but cried when they stopped.

Josiah's request was that Uncle Kent go to Chuck E. Cheese with us. So, that is what we did on Sunday night. The great thing about going to Chuck E. Cheese is that I discovered a Steak n Shake next door. What a fun treat on the way home!