Saturday, December 27, 2008

11 Stitches Later

The boys and I have been in Texas since the evening of the 25th. I'll post more about our Christmas later, but thought I'd share about precious Levi tonight. This afternoon, Levi was playing in the backyard with his brothers. I was sitting right inside where I could see everything that was happening. What I wasn't expecting was to see Levi walk in the way of a moving two person swing and get knocked in the face. I ran to pick him up and found blood on his face. I regret to say and was not calm in the beginning, yelling that I needed help. Fortunately we are with my parents and my dad was there quickly. Granddad rushed him to the kitchen quickly assessing that a trip to the emergency room was necessary.

I was trying to think through things quickly to give out directions for my other three children. While Granddad, Levi and I left for the hospital, my sister came and picked up Caleb and Josiah. Then my mom and Silas came to the hospital so that I could nurse Silas when he got hungry. We arrived at about 4:30pm and left around 9:00 or 9:30pm. It's a blur now. In the end, Levi had to have 11 stitches, 6 that dissolve on their own and 5 that will need to be removed next week. Levi was such a trooper. He did cry but would just sit there and let Granddad or I hold him. We're all glad to be back home.

Before Nana and Silas came to the hospital, she sat down and talked to Josiah and Caleb to make sure they were okay. Caleb asked if Levi was going to die which Nana quickly assured him he would not and Josiah was reassured that we understood that he could not stop the swing and he didn't mean to hurt Levi. I think Josiah will remember the incident more than Levi. It was so sweet when we all got home tonight. One of the last things Levi did before going to sleep was to walk up to Josiah and give him a hug. I think that was his way of saying I love you and know you didn't mean for me to get hurt. It brings tears to my eyes thinking about it. Now that everyone is alseep, it's my turn. Goodnight.


Mandy said...

I saw Kerry's twitters and was praying that little Levi would be okay. I can't imagine the panic you must have felt. What a sweet little guy. Glad you're all resting up now, and I hope getting the stitches out goes okay and that his face heals well.

The Blake Family said...

I am so sorry that you all had to go through this with little Levi. I do hope he and everyone else is feeling better and calmer now. Bless you all.

The Walkers said...

Oh Stephanie, what a horrible experience. Please know that we will be praying for little Levi. It just breaks my heart to think of little ones getting hurt.

Anonymous said...

I feel your pain and have been there! His dad had several of the same type encounters with a dunebuggy wreck,Uncle Kent's rock thrown in a tree,a flip from the diving board,etc,etc!!!God hears our prayers! Granny loves u!