Friday, December 19, 2008

Stay a Little Longer

It appears that my blog is finally working. On Monday my Dad came to visit. The boys were so excited to see him but were a little disappointed that he was only staying one night. Granddad was great in helping me finish most of my Christmas shopping. He kept the boys entertained in the stores we visited. He also helped me get a new cell phone since mine was no longer working. Levi got an early Christmas present from Nana and Granddad, a little 4 wheeler. We didn't want to have to figure out how to get it from Texas to Florida. He loves it!

Granddad was supposed to return home on Tuesday evening. After he sat in the airport for a few hours, his flight was canceled. The boys were thrilled to get to spend a little extra time with him before he actually went home. He left early Wednesday morning before the boys woke up. We were sad to see him go but are thrilled that we will be back in Texas next week.


The O'Connell Clan said...

I just love these pictures! Your dad is so wonderful Stephanie! You can see how they adore their granddad and how much he adores them. Levi on his little power wheels is precious and Drew is very excited that he is riding a quad. Well it looks like so far you have a family of riders :-)

Miss Scarlett said...

Hey there! W left a message on K's phone so we could switch addresses. I don't think I have y'all's email so see if K can call W for the switcheroo! Merry Christmas!!

card413 said...