Thursday, December 04, 2008

Uncle Kent Visits: Part 1

Uncle Kent came to visit this past week. Kerry just took him to the airport yesterday. We all had a great time while he was here. The boys kept him so busy I'm sure he's ready to sleep for a week!

Uncle Kent arrived on Thanksgiving Day. The Allisons also joined us for Thanksgiving. They have two teenage boys and my boys thought they were so cool. This is the only picture I took on Thanksgiving Day. I couldn't forget that this was Silas' first Thanksgiving.

Friday morning Silas and I got up very very early to go shopping. We made it home before the boys woke up and we had been shopping for 4 hours! That morning, Uncle Kent gave the boys an early Christmas present pictured below. Uncle Kent, Kerry, Caleb, and Josiah spent the afternoon at the gun range trying out the new gun. Caleb is so ready to go hunting.

Saturday, the boys enjoyed riding dirt bikes before church. Levi soon discovered that all he had to do is cry and point to the dirt bike and Uncle Kent would take him riding. Every time they stopped Levi would cry to ride some more. He even fell asleep once riding with Uncle Kent but cried when they stopped.

Josiah's request was that Uncle Kent go to Chuck E. Cheese with us. So, that is what we did on Sunday night. The great thing about going to Chuck E. Cheese is that I discovered a Steak n Shake next door. What a fun treat on the way home!

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