Saturday, December 13, 2008

An Update of 4 Boys

Wow! Where has the time gone the past couple of weeks? We haven't been out much but life still seems busy. I can't seem to keep the house clean or clothes washed, but I am getting things ready for Christmas and we're staying caught up with school. It's been awhile since I've given an update on all of the boys.

Caleb is still doing well in school. He's currently really good at math and enjoys science. He continues to draw the most amazing pictures. I keep meaning to post some samples but have yet to get around to it. He enjoys creating ramps to jump for his bicycle. He practices almost everyday on his bicycle. His passion for snakes and lizards is still just as strong as ever. He will show me different pictures of snakes sharing how beautiful they look or pointing out certain characteristics of them. I can't really agree but try to be supportive. He really wants Kerry to take him hunting one of these days. It just hasn't happened yet.

Josiah got a new bicycle before Thanksgiving. His first bicycle broke and since he rode it everyday and big brother had a little to do with the breaking of his old bicycle, we got him a new bicycle. It is slightly bigger than his first bike and it did take him 2 days to get used to a bigger bicycle. Now, he's riding all over the property. He's even jumping small ramps. He enjoys doing school like his big brother and he'll even ask me if I don't plan for his school on a day that Caleb has school.

Levi is at such a fun stage in life. He makes us laugh. He still loves playing string guitars so much that his fingers blister. He has learned how to open the door to the garage and can be found running outside if Caleb and Josiah are outside playing. He still runs around singing at the top of his lungs. He continues to be so good with Silas. He watches closely when Josiah has his school time and wants to participate. So, it looks like preschool will be in full force next year.

Silas is rolling over quite a bit. He started rolling over consistently the week before Thanksgiving on that Wednesday. He sleeps on his tummy when he's sleeping alone and recently started waking himself up when he rolls over. He snuggles up next to me at night and nurses when he's hungry. He loves to be talked to and will smile and talk back in return. He really is a great baby, pretty easy going for the most part. He also still enjoys hanging out in the sling when we're out and when we're at home. He's not really interested in toys yet. He's content to watch all the action that happens with his three brothers.


jess cornett said...

Aw these little updates are so adorable. I love the picture of Caleb! Also love learning about the fun little things the boys enjoy. Keep posting!

Colorado Dreamin' said...

Wonderful boys! They are all so beautiful and growing so fast! Your little one is not going to be little for long at this rate! Too adorable!

tin3458 said...