Sunday, December 28, 2008

Update on Levi

Levi is doing much better today. He slept great last night unlike his big brother Josiah who kept crying during the night. I never could figure out what was wrong, but once he was settled he slept until 10:00am. Levi woke like nothing had ever happened. Originally, we were planning on going to my parents' church this morning but decided to stay home and get some rest. Levi had other plans and cried when Granddad left for church. After seeing what good spirits he was in, we decided to get ready for church. Caleb and Levi went with my mom to Sunday School. My mom teaches Levi's age and since he didn't want to wait any longer, he went. This was his first time ever in Sunday School. My mom said he had fun and that Caleb did great serving as a helper in the class. I think the little ones loved him playing with them.

Church went very well. We were able to stay in the service almost the entire time, the first in three years for me. I'm typically in the parent's room somewhere or when we were in California sitting outside. Levi took a short nap on Nana and Silas slept through most of the service. I was most impressed with Josiah who has always had a difficult time sitting still and remaining quiet. He did so good sitting still and listening. Caleb was there too but he's old enough to know how to behave. My mom got up once with Levi for less than five minutes but other than that, we were all in the service. It was a small glimpse of the future when we can all sit in the main worship center together as a family without having to leave during part of the service.

After church, RyAnn and her family came over to my parents' house for lunch. I took the boys out after lunch to let them play in the front yard for about an hour. Then they were to content to come in and relax. Silas is napping with Nana. Levi's sleeping in the crib so he won't roll off the bed. Josiah and Caleb both decided to watch separate movies on their new DVD players they got from Nana and Granddad for Christmas. All is quiet in the house on a Sunday afternoon.


Colorado Dreamin' said...

So sorry to hear about Levi! But boys are tough and I know he must be a trouper like the rest of your boys. Never a dull moment with kids around!

kelp2486 said...