Tuesday, November 24, 2009

California, Here We Come!

This could come to a shock to some of you but if you read my husband's facebook or twitter, you won't be surprised. We are headed back to California as soon as we can get there. Toward the end of August, we realized that God had other plans for our family than the church we were currently serving. We were not quite sure what God wanted us to do next, but it was amazing to see how He directed us and confirmed time and time again where He needed us.

It all started when Kerry was speaking to one of his mentors who asked him if he had ever considered planting a church. Honestly, this was not something we had ever considered in the past. Not five minutes later, Kerry was speaking with Pat Giraldin who asked him if he would consider returning to California to help start a new church. I was surprised when Kerry called and shared with me about this and also a little hesitant.

After hearing from Kerry about his conversations, I asked God casually, more in a joking manner, where He wanted us to go next. I was at a water park on a Sunday evening with family when I prayed about where He wanted us. Then I looked up at the sign in front of me. The first word I saw on that sign said CALIFORNIA. I didn't want to admit just yet that God had given me a clear answer.

On the way home from the water park, I passed a church named Crossroads. I found that somewhat odd since the cross was part of Hope Crossing, but once again that was God giving me a sign for our future. At another time, Kerry was driving and praying about our future. When he glances up, the car in front of him had a California license plate. This took place in Florida.

After all of this, I seriously, genuinely prayed asking God for clarity in our life and where He wanted us. As I was sitting flipping channels on the tv I randomly stopped on a channel. A commercial came on I had never seen. They were talking about cows from California and at the end of the commercial one said, "Lets go to California." I haven't seen the commercial since.

By this time, I was seeing that God was probably sending us to Cali, but I really wanted to hear from Caleb without me prompting him. I prayed saying that I would love it to come from Caleb. Not one minute later, he comes in wearing a new shirt from Nana and Granddad that he had already worn once and it had CALIFORNIA written on it. I hadn't seen the word California on it before that minute.

I knew now that God had spoken but I told him if He wanted to send a few extra signs my way for fun, I'd be happy to see them. And guess what? He did. So, I'm driving the same way to my sister's house that I had driven for several weeks one morning and glance up at a street sign to see it say Dana Point (a city in Southern California). I saw another street sign at another random glance that said San Clemente (a city in Southern California). And once again, at another random moment, I glanced up to see a truck with the words Lake Forest (a city in Southern California) on them.

To top it all off, while shopping with my mom for Silas' birthday, she held up an outfit for him. She hadn't even looked at the words. But what did it say on it? CALIFORNIA

So obviously, after all of those signs, there is no denying where God wants us to go and what He wants us to do. We are truly looking forward to returning to California, a place that I grew to love.

Check us out at Hope Crossing Community Church.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Silas is Walking

Silas started taking a step or two at a time just a couple of days after he turned one. About three weeks ago, he finally got the hang of it. This video was taken almost two weeks ago. Since then, he is walking more than he is crawling. He thinks he is such a big boy now that he can walk and always has a grin on his face or a look that says, "I can do it!" when he's walking. It's a lot of fun watching him practice time and time again.

Monday, November 02, 2009

Change Isn't Easy

Where have the days gone? Time just keeps slipping by. I thought I would give a quick update on us. Once again, I feel like we are in a time of transition. Kerry is no longer serving at the church we have been at in Florida. We truly feel that God has given us direction in what He wants us to do next and where. We are just having to wait on His timing.

Change is not always easy for me. After struggling this year to accept where God had placed us, we're moving on again. We aren't certain where God will lead us next but we know He has a plan for us and our family. I'm tempted to ask why, but try to remember that God has His reasons. I want Him to unveil His plan for our life quickly and all at once, but that's not what He's doing. We have been praying through a few things recently and hopefully in the near future, we will know for certain His leading. God has really been speaking to me and helping show me where He wants us next. One day I'm extremely excited about God's clear signs and on other days I'm scared to really think that He's really giving us direction. I'm like, "Are you sure God? Really sure? I just want to make sure I'm hearing correctly?" Our biggest prayer right now is that our house will sell in God's timing and at His price.

Fall Festival 2009

This year, Kerry, the boys, and I returned to Church in the Farms for their annual fall festival/trunk or treat. The boys had a great time and received plenty of candy to share with their mom and dad.

Silas decided to go as a Baylor football player. It was so hot I just couldn't bring myself to put him in the hot monkey costume although it fits his climbing personality very well.

Ever since going to the rodeo in Texas, Levi has been very interested in being a cowboy. I think he turned out adorable, and he loved it.

Josiah wanted to be Buzz Lightyear again as long as he got the goggles. Once we got the goggles, they were so tight on his head that it hurt. He wore them long enough for a group picture with his brothers.

Caleb always knows exactly what he wants to be and what it should look like. This year he wanted to be a fisherman. I thought it was a great idea and now he gets to use the vest over and over again when he goes fishing with Dad.

My four adorable boys

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Pumpkin Patch 2009

Kerry and I took the boys to a church's pumpkin patch on October 16. It was the same one we went to last year, but Daddy got to come this year. Plus, we didn't get rained on this time. As Caleb gets older, I often wonder, "Is this the last year he will enjoy the pumpkin patch?" I'm sure there will come a day when he is coming along just because I'm encouraging him to do so for the happiness of his brothers. It was very hot and sunny this year. The pictures we took this year didn't turn out the greatest since everyone was having a hard time keeping their eyes open.

Silas was too busy checking everything out to look at the camera.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Last Week in Texas

Our last week in Texas was just as busy as the previous four. I took the boys to the zoo again, did a little shopping with my sister, went to the park, had to boys' pictures made with Nana and Granddad, went to another Baylor game, and ended with a trip to Build-a-Bear.

September 22, 2009

Our weekly trip to the zoo. Granddad was able to make it this week. All the boys loved having Granddad along.

September 26, 2009

Caleb got his face painted at the Baylor game. He must be practicing for the Baylor Line.

September 27, 2009

RyAnn and I took the boys to Build-a-Bear the night before we left for a cousins party. They all had a great time making their animals.

We truly enjoyed our time spent in Texas. Even though I had wanted to see more people than we did, I was completely worn out by the end of each day. I am so thankful I had the opportunity to come love on my nephews, but six boys really do keep you on your toes. My dad was such a trooper and drove us back to Florida starting bright and early Monday morning.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Week 4 in Texas

September 14, 2009

Silas having fun at Brock and Braxton's house

September 15, 2009

Another day at the zoo. I didn't even line them up this way. I do wish I had put Silas next to Levi though to show all six boys.

September 16, 2009

Brock and Caleb the reptile hunters. These two could have searched all day for bugs and reptiles.

September 18, 2009

Silas thought it was fun to push the high chair around the house.

September 19, 2009 -- I was so excited to know that we would be in town for a couple of Baylor football games. We all had a great time at the game. Josiah even did well (he is not a fan of fireworks). Levi just loved it and Silas thought it was great too.

Friday, October 09, 2009

Week 3 in Texas

By week three, I was finally getting into a routine. I was able to get up early without too much trouble. Kerry was still in town for the rest of this week and spent some time with Granny. The boys also enjoyed some time with him too. On the day he left, we took the boys bowling. That was the one thing they really wanted to do with Daddy. Levi even had a blast bowling.

September 11, 2009 - Bowling with Daddy

Levi trying his best.

September 11, 2009 -- Rodeo with Nana and Granddad
After taking Kerry to the airport, the boys, Nana, Granddad, and I headed to the rodeo. The boys had a blast. It wasn't crowded (could have been because of the rain). Caleb and Josiah both had a chance to go inside the ring and try to win some money by chasing a calf (for Caleb's age) and a sheep (for Josiah's age).

Josiah and Nana

Levi, Granddad, and Caleb

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Week 2 in Texas

Fort Worth Zoo - September 1, 2009

Our weekly trip to the zoo. Granddad and Nana were gracious enough to buy us passes for the remainder of the year. The boys loved going each week. They were all disappointed that the reptile exhibit is closed until 2010.

September 2, 2009

I stepped into another room for a few minutes. When I returned, this is what I found. I couldn't resist getting a picture.

September 3, 2009

This is what a swing set looks like with 5 boys. I don't even know where Silas could have fit.

Silas turned 1!

Feeding the Ducks - September 4, 2009
My parents took the boys and I to the duck pond they took my sister and I to growing up. I didn't remember how big it was. The boys loved seeing that there were plenty of hungry ducks to feed.

Josiah taking in all the ducks.

Silas feeling very grown up now that he is 1.

Caleb was in his element surrounded by the ducks.

Levi stuck pretty close to Granddad while feeding the ducks.

Only half of the raccoons we saw while leaving the park that night.

Gladewater - September 5-7, 2009
We also took a trip to Gladewater to see Granny and hear Kerry preach at FBC of Gladewater. The boys were also able to spend some more time with Uncle Kent. We always have a nice time relaxing at Granny's.

September 5, 2009 - Everyone minus me, the picture taker.

September 6, 2009 - Caleb, Uncle Kent, and Josiah before church
September 6, 2009 - Kerry, Granny, and Kent

Monday, October 05, 2009

Week 1 in Texas

Hawaiian Falls - August 23, 2009
Nana and Silas

Levi and Brock - Levi quickly grew attached to Brock and thought he was really cool.

Josiah going down a slide

Caleb giving a thumbs up

Fort Worth Zoo - August 25, 2009
Braxton at the zoo

Josiah posing with the kangaroo

Putt-Putt - August 28, 2009
All the boys love Putt-Putt. No one is thrilled since they just finished playing and they were told it was almost time to go.

Fossil Rim - August 29, 2009
Another favorite place of ours is Fossil Rim. The boys love it so much that Granddad took the 3 big boys back on their own one Friday. I didn't quite know what to do with myself with 3 of my boys gone and Brock and Braxton at preschool.