Friday, January 02, 2009

2008 Waller Christmas

Christmas evening, the boys and I got on an airplane headed to Texas. I was really looking forward to being back with family. I miss not being near them. The boys did pretty good on the airplane. I thought Levi and Josiah would sleep on the airplane, but they didn't sleep a wink. Traveling alone with four isn't much difference than traveling with three except the added stuff I have to carry. With the added fee for baggage, I was trying to carry on as much as we could. Fortunately, we had some help getting on and off the airplane.

Silas and Daddy at the airport. Silas was dressed with Christmas spirit until he spit up all over his outfit.

Nana, Granddad, RyAnn and Brock were there to meet us. It took two cars to get home from the airport. Silas enjoyed meeting is Aunt RyAnn and cousin Brock for the first time. We went back to my parents' house for a late dinner. Since we were celebrating Christmas the next morning, I was up late getting everything ready.

RyAnn and Silas

We had a wonderful day all together celebrating Christmas a day late. Caleb got his dream gift this year, a rip stick. He has enjoyed practicing everyday. I wish I had it captured on video his screaming and hollering in excitement.

Josiah loved getting a big boy scooter similar to Caleb's. It's a little bigger than the one Caleb has but Josiah was flying down the driveway.

Levi was excited to have more presents to unwrap. I don't think he had a favorite toy. He just enjoyed seeing what he got.

Sweet Silas enjoyed being held by loving family. He slept through most of Christmas while we were opening gifts.

After Christmas lunch, the Van Cleaves took their boys home for naps and I got Levi down for his nap. Nana and I left the three big boys home with Granddad and took Silas to the mall to shop a little. It was a little crowded for us. Granddad called as soon as Levi woke up and we headed home. We enjoyed leftovers for dinner and then ended our evening taking the boys to play Putt-Putt. It was a great day.

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