Friday, January 02, 2009

Christmas 2008 in Florida

Christmas celebrations started on the 23rd this year for our family. The boys and I met Kerry up at church for the 8:30pm Christmas service. My husband actually wore a suit this year, and he looked good. He wears one about once a year. The boys were pretty tired by the time we got home that evening.

Christmas Eve away from family is now the loneliest day of the year for me. Kerry is always gone all day and doesn't return until late at night. It's very difficult to create Christmas family traditions which I loved growing up when he isn't there. By the time he got home, I think three out of the four boys were already asleep. I went to the grocery store in the morning for some last minute items, packed for Texas (hooray!), tried a new cookie recipe, and took the boys to look at Christmas lights.

Christmas morning couldn't come fast enough for at least two boys in our family. They were so excited to open presents. This is the best picture I could get of 4 boys ready to open gifts.

I think Silas enjoyed his first Christmas. He seemed to enjoy his new exersaucer and the ability to be up and looking around at all the activity in the house.

Levi quickly figured out how to open presents. He loved his new tricycle and I think he will have it figured out in no time since he can reach the peddles.

Josiah reminded me of my sister this year. Everything he got he was so excited, and he would comment on how it's just what he wanted or something similar to that. He truly appreciated what he received.

Caleb is becoming an old pro at Christmas but the excitement is still there. I really liked the new ramps he and Josiah got this year and was outside practicing on his bike as soon as breakfast was over.

Here is Daddy with the three big boys on the ramps. They couldn't wait to get them outside. Josiah even managed to try out the ramps using his bicycle.

We enjoyed a quiet meal as a family at home before the boys and I left for Texas. We knew we would miss Daddy, but we couldn't wait to get to Texas and see the rest of our family and introduce Silas to those that had yet to meet him in person.