Friday, January 23, 2009

Play Ball!

After a year long break, Caleb is returning to baseball this spring. The spring season last year we were on the road making it impossible for him to play. This fall he really wasn't interested in signing up for any sport so instead of making him, I decided to let it be his decision. I'm glad I did since it would have been very difficult getting him to practices and games with my kidney stuff. Before Christmas I asked him if he wanted to play a sport this spring. At first he said he wanted to try basketball but changed his mind to baseball and was very confident about his answer.

Caleb has evaluations tomorrow. Over the past week, I've been practicing with him (and Josiah and Levi). Tonight I found out that our neighbor and Caleb's friend pitched for a traveling baseball team before calling it quits. He did a much better job pitching to Caleb this afternoon than I did. He even had a few good pointers for Caleb.

I have to admit, I'm excited to watch him play again and see his passion for the game come alive. I love sitting on the sidelines and cheering him on. I will miss his old team in California and the sweet families that were apart of the team. I'm praying for great coaches and great kids for Caleb this season. Play ball!

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