Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Germs in the Air

There are germs in the air in our house. It started with Josiah a couple of weeks ago. He had a cough and congestion but didn't complain too much. He was a little more emotional than normal but still managed to go through every day life. Silas was the next to get sick this past Friday. He also has just a cough and even though it sounds bad, he still is all smiles and sleeps about the same.

Silas finally smiling for the camera

A couple of days ago, Kerry and Caleb got sick. Caleb has a pretty bad cough. His first baseball practice is tonight along with church. Unfortunately, he's laying in bed. He stayed in bed pretty much all of Monday but seemed to be feeling better yesterday. Not the case today. Kerry has been so sick he hasn't gone to work for 2 days. You know he's sick if he doesn't go to work. He rarely ever misses work. He's just been laying in bed sleeping. Levi was doing fine until 4:00a.m. He was supposed to go to the dentist this morning but developed a fever in the middle of the night. The motrin is still in effect, but we rescheduled the dentist appointment and we'll see if the fever returns.

Levi and Josiah playing dress up

As of right now, I'm feeling great. At least I'm not sick. Maybe a little sleep deprived with everyone waking up at least twice last night and at one point I had a little one on each arm and one using my legs as pillows. Currently, everyone laying down watching tv or sleeping. Hopefully, the germs won't last too long.

(The pictures don't relate to the post at all. Just thought I'd throw in a couple of pictures.)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Granddad's Visit

It was once again wonderful having my Dad come for a visit. I'm really loving the fact that he can do his job with Rockbridge Seminary from anywhere making it easier for him to come see us when there's a good deal on a flight.

We picked my Dad up from the airport last Tuesday around lunch. The boys didn't even want to stop for lunch on the way home. They were ready to get Granddad back to the house, because they wanted him to watch them play outside.

Granddad's timing couldn't have been more perfect. On Wednesday morning, he went with Silas and I for my ultrasound (follow up on my kidneys) while Kerry stayed home with the three big boys. When we got home, we had an early lunch and then took the boys to the Busch Wildlife Sanctuary. That evening, we went to church. Caleb loved his class and I got to relax a little since Josiah and Levi were sound asleep in the stroller.

Josiah's one request was that we take Granddad to the beach. That's exactly what we did. We went to the Loggerhead Marinelife Center first and then took the boys to the beach. Josiah was the only one in a swimsuit but that didn't stop Caleb from getting wet. Levi had a very healthy fear of the water and kept his distance allowing for a relaxing trip to the beach. Silas wasn't a fan of the sun or the wind.

On Friday, Granddad went back home. We were all sad to see him go but enjoyed the time we got to spend with him. (Josiah took the picture below. I think he did a pretty good job.)

Thanks Dad for your frequent trips to see us. It has made the distance from Florida to Texas not feel as far. It has brightened my lonely days. It's helped me not do anything rash on sad days -- like throwing the boys and some clothes in the car and start driving to Texas (I've thought about it). It's wonderful seeing the relationships you have with each of the boys. I pray that one day they will understand fully the love, time, and wisdom you have invested in their lives and what better men they will have become because they have known you. I love you!

Monday, February 09, 2009

13 Hours

until my Dad arrives in Florida. The boys and I are looking forward to spending time with him. We were hoping to go see the shuttle launch, but the launch has been postponed. We will still have lots of fun. Josiah is sure that Granddad will want to go to the beach and wear the swimsuit we bought him for his birthday last year. I told him it might be a little cool for swimsuits at the beach but we could probably make a trip to the beach while he's here. We can hardly wait!

Friday, February 06, 2009

Now That There Are Four. . .

And we live in a horse/farm community (we don't have any horses or farm) my children can sometimes be seen out in public looking like this. I remember the days when it was just Caleb. Even as a baby, he had to have an outfit with socks and shoes when we left the house. Never would I have ever dreamed of even going to the grocery store with him dressed like this.

But along came Josiah (and then Levi and Silas) and things changed. Josiah woke up feeling a little sensitive this morning. Due to his sensitivity, I felt it best he come with Silas and I to my doctor's appointment this morning. This is what he was wearing -- camo shirt, too short wind pants, and boots. The stick stayed at home. So, today Josiah was seen wearing this at the doctor's office and at the grocery store. Oh well! I just wanted to remember this moment of him expressing himself through what he chose to wear today. He still looks precious if you ask me.

Monday, February 02, 2009

He's Growing Up

I got Levi dressed today (after lunch) to run some errands with all of the boys. We ran our errands, and when we got home all of the boys wanted to play outside (minus Silas). So, Silas and I sat outside to watch them play. And this is when I really saw Levi.

When did he grow up? When did he start looking more like a little boy and less like a baby? It caught me off guard. It truly did. My baby (one of four) will turn 2 next month. I can't believe it. I don't want to accept the fact that he's growing up. He's taken a little longer to speak clearly than Caleb and Josiah so I'm sure in some ways that has kept him young in my mind. But just last night at dinner, we heard a sentence. Kerry and I both did, so it must have really happened. I believe he said, "I want a roll."

He's also in the beginning stages of potty training. That means we have two potties just for him. It means he knows how to go to the bathroom, both kinds. It means he loves to take his diaper off and run through the house. It means there have been accidents on the floor. It means he's still learning and it will take some time. It also means one more step in him growing up.

So, as his mommy, I will continue to let him grow up a little at a time.