Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Germs in the Air

There are germs in the air in our house. It started with Josiah a couple of weeks ago. He had a cough and congestion but didn't complain too much. He was a little more emotional than normal but still managed to go through every day life. Silas was the next to get sick this past Friday. He also has just a cough and even though it sounds bad, he still is all smiles and sleeps about the same.

Silas finally smiling for the camera

A couple of days ago, Kerry and Caleb got sick. Caleb has a pretty bad cough. His first baseball practice is tonight along with church. Unfortunately, he's laying in bed. He stayed in bed pretty much all of Monday but seemed to be feeling better yesterday. Not the case today. Kerry has been so sick he hasn't gone to work for 2 days. You know he's sick if he doesn't go to work. He rarely ever misses work. He's just been laying in bed sleeping. Levi was doing fine until 4:00a.m. He was supposed to go to the dentist this morning but developed a fever in the middle of the night. The motrin is still in effect, but we rescheduled the dentist appointment and we'll see if the fever returns.

Levi and Josiah playing dress up

As of right now, I'm feeling great. At least I'm not sick. Maybe a little sleep deprived with everyone waking up at least twice last night and at one point I had a little one on each arm and one using my legs as pillows. Currently, everyone laying down watching tv or sleeping. Hopefully, the germs won't last too long.

(The pictures don't relate to the post at all. Just thought I'd throw in a couple of pictures.)


The Walkers said...

Poor everyone else. Hope all start feeling better soon. I think this picture of Silas looks a whole lot like Kerry :)

Mandy said...

Those dress-up outfits are awesome! Where did those come from?

I'm sorry you all are sick. I have a sick child myself and am hoping it doesn't spread through the family. We are supposed to go visit the Coates tomorrow. We'll see.

The Blake Family said...

Oh Stephanie...I hope everyone gets to feeling better so that you and everyone can sleep! I also hope it doesn't catch you...see here is my theory, we moms don't get sick because we never slow down long enough for it to catch up with us!!