Sunday, March 01, 2009

Good News Fishing

The Saturday before last, Josiah and Caleb got to go with Daddy fishing with Good News Fishing. The boys had a blast. According to all three of them, the waves out in the main ocean were a little big for them (4 feet swells). Josiah got a little sea sick but was fine once they went to calmer waters. They caught lots of fish and Josiah even caught a barracuda with Daddy's help. I know this will be a memory they will all treasure. Thanks Tony and Don for giving 3 of my boys a wonderful day!

Tony, Don, Josiah, and Caleb


The Blake Family said...

Whoo! That's a big fish! Glad your boys had fun!!

ck said...

Hi Stephanie, I found your blog and was so excited when I saw Kerry's picture. I've known him since he was a baby. Kim used to babysit my kids. Tell him I said Hi and your kids are beautiful.