Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Nana's Visit

As our family size has increased over the past few years, I have noticed more of what a help my mom is when she visits or when we visit. Nana arrived last Thursday night. Levi, Silas and I drove to the airport at 10:30 that night. I think Levi was a little excited.

Friday morning, we were at the stores shopping for Levi's birthday. It is so much more fun shopping with my mom instead of shopping alone. She even treated me to some new clothes. Caleb opted to stay home with Kerry who was once again sick in bed. After getting home from shopping, the boys spent the remainder of the day playing with Nana in some form or fashion.

Saturday was Levi's birthday as you probably read below. Nana also got to see Caleb's baseball practice. I loved having her there so that we could take turns watching Caleb while the other one watched Levi and Josiah play on the playground. We had church that evening and then Nana treated everyone to McDonalds since it was Levi's birthday. We were all a little tired when we got home.

Sunday was finally a free day. Nana had brought Josiah and Caleb kites and all Caleb wanted to do was go fly kites. Even though there was hardly any wind, we took the boys to ride bicycles and fly kites. Somehow, we managed to get the kites in the air and they had a blast. When we got home, we filled up the little pool that Nana and Granddad got Levi for his birthday and let the boys try it out. Josiah thought it was the greatest thing. I think Levi was a little cold but watched with interest.

Monday we took Nana to the Busch Wildlife Sanctuary. The boys never grow weary of going there. It's free and it takes about 30 minutes to go through the entire thing. Levi even walked most of it. Then, Nana treated us all to a yummy lunch! The boys were very hungry and barely said a word since they were so busy eating. It made for a very pleasant meal. That afternoon, we took Nana back to the airport. Josiah does not like goodbyes at all especially when it involves saying goodbye to Nana. Fortunately for Nana, he fell asleep in the car before dropping Nana off which left me alone watching the tears when he woke up asking for her. He talks about missing her everyday and is ready to go to her house. Thanks for coming, Nana! We had a great time!

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