Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Too Much Trauma for this Mama

Today was a very long day. Most everything that occurred was on our schedule for today, but it still was very draining. Our morning started out with me taking Levi to the dentist at 9:30a.m.. He has some tooth decay (not cavities) and we agreed to have his 3 of his front top teeth sanded. It was a 5 minutes or less procedure but was emotionally draining for both myself and Levi. He was so brave through his tears.

The other three boys stayed with Daddy. I nursed Silas before we left and he managed to survive until I got back. We were gone for about 1 and 1/2 hours. The day didn't end there for precious Levi. We left straight from the dentist (me and 4 boys) and drove an hour to a doctor in Ft. Pierce. Levi was born with a tongue tie and our doctor in California wasn't too concerned since he was nursing just fine. Kerry has been concerned about his speech, and I started getting concerned about his teeth (wondering if it contributed to the teeth decay). So, on top of dental work, Levi had the thin strip of skin under his tongue clipped. Caleb and Josiah waited in the waiting room during this 30 second procedure.

I feel so horrible seeing him go through these things. It doesn't make me feel any better when people say it was the right thing to do. Only a mom who has sat there and held her almost terrified 2 year old's hands during something like this or held his head saying it will be over soon can understand. I don't know if he will ever be comfortable going to the dentist or doctor again.

We stopped for a well deserved ice cream for all before arriving home around 3:00p.m. Caleb had to work on school that he and Daddy somehow forgot to work on while I was gone before going to Caleb's baseball practice. I was trying to watch Josiah and Levi play on the playground while watching Caleb at the same time. Practice hadn't officially started when Caleb gets hit in the mouth with a ball. A little blood which felt like a lot to him was lost. We now have a loose baby tooth. Fortunately, one of the coaches is a paramedic. He didn't want to go back out there but I highly encouraged him to sit in the dugout until practice was over. He didn't sit for too long and was bravely playing again. Guess what happened about 45 minutes into practice? He got hit by a ball in the cheek. He comes crying to me again. I'm in shock that this happened a 2nd time and he was ready to be done again. Once again, I strongly encouraged him to support his team by sitting in the dugout. He sat longer this time but got back out there again. The coach worked him hard the remainder of the practice. He was exhausted by the end of the night.
I am emotionally worn out from this day. I wanted to cry right along side Levi but had to stay strong. I wanted to pack Caleb up and take him home especially after the 2nd injury but stayed strong and calm. Thankfully, this day is finished. I can go to bed and look forward to better things as my mom arrives tomorrow. I can't wait!


The Walkers said...

All I can say is "Go Stephanie"--you did great. I'm sure you may have many of these days ahead of you with four active little boys. My one boy gives me enough stress. God must have known that you were perfect for raising strong young men!

The Blake Family said...

My precious, STRONG friend...good for you! All we had today is a bloody nose, and my heart melted...I can't imagine having to deal with all you dealt with!! I'm glad that your mom is there now. Have a wonderful time with her.

Colorado Dreamin' said...

Poor thing (I mean you!) We feel the pain for our children as they go through the things that must be done. The fact that even though you didn't want to see them hurt, you did what you needed to do. That is being a good mom! I think it is weak when a parent doesn't make their child do what is good for them just so they don't hear them cry. As if we feel great when we have to be strong and hold our ground. I know that we, like our Father, has to be strong for our children. I think HE feels our pain just like we as parents feel our childrens pain. I am glad your mom is visiting! Have fun!

Mandy said...

Wow what a day. You're such an amazing mom Stephanie. I would be ready for bed after you day too.

The O'Connell Clan said...

What a day! And what brave boys you have! I would have been crying with Levi and Caleb both!