Thursday, April 09, 2009

My Boys

It's hard to believe Caleb is almost 9 years old. As my sister said, "This is his last year to be in the single digits." It made me sad thinking about it. We still continue to homeschool and overall he's doing well when he puts forth his best effort. There are times I know he can do better and he gets frustrated when I don't accept anything but his best. He's playing baseball this spring, and he's really enjoying it. He has surprised me by participating in choir at church. Up until now, he had no desire to be a part of choir. It makes me proud to see him sing in church. He also enjoys helping lead worship on Saturday nights in his class. Just last week he told me on the way to church that he loves church. He said he likes it even better than his birthday. I have to admit I got a little teary-eyed.

It's sometimes hard to put Josiah into words. At home he is one person and around other people he's a completely different person. When he's with family, he's talkative, outgoing, and adventurous. When asked why he has done something that he knows he shouldn't, he responds, "Because it's fun or because I wanted to." At least they are honest answers. I've been pulling out some books that my sister-n-law loaned me a couple of years ago to read to him. They are coming in handy now. When he gets around people he doesn't know, he becomes pretty quiet. He sits back and observes. He loves going to church as long as he's with me. He enjoys school time. I just need to set aside more time to spend with him on school related stuff. I feel really guilty saying, "Hang on." The dirty house and laundry will still be there, but Josiah will not always be this age.

What do I say about Levi? He's 2 and truly full of life. He can hold his own pretty well with his 2 older brothers. He's knows the word mine really well and uses it often. He loves playing outside and getting dirty. Since moving to Florida and having Silas, we don't get out and go as often as we used to. This is making potty training easy as of right now. He's in underwear or his birthday suit during the day, and I just put a diaper on top of the underwear while he's sleeping. He even made it one outing this week in underwear and stayed dry! I did put a diaper over the underwear but I'm starting to see the end of buying diapers for 2. I am thinking about switching to cloth diapers and have ordered a couple to try, but that's a story for another day. He's growing up before our eyes.

Last but not least is sweet Silas. He is definitely on the move with crawling. He startled me the other day when I walked around the island in the kitchen to see him up on the tile (our living room is sunken). His legs are constantly moving unless he is sleeping. He can say da-da quite well but is definitely a mama's boy. God knew I needed one that needed me. He will come to enjoy spending time with Daddy soon enough but for now he enjoys about 5 minute increments before he wants Mommy again. He is so active now that when he was sick this week, I truly savored giving him tons of snuggle time. He had a fever for about 48 hours where all he wanted to do was for me to hold him. I'm not complaining, and I'm thankful he's feeling better. We haven't introduced solids yet. I'll get around to it one of these days. I'm still trying to decide what I want his first food to be. Definitely not rice cereal. Thought about bananas or avocados. Still thinking. He's getting what he needs from Mommy's milk just by looking at him, so I know he's good for now. He has been such a blessed addition to our family and it's hard to imagine life without him.


The Walkers said...

LOVE THIS! I know that I need to stop and think about my children individually more often. To focus in on their unique personalities and gifts. Thanks for sharing.

mandy said...

I love reading these updates. When you get a minute, write to me and tell me why not rice cereal. And how you know what to feed him first and when. I just bought rice cereal today at the store (because pediatrician said to at his last check-up), but haven't started Luther on it yet. I feel hung up about it for some reason, and would love your take on it.

The Blake Family said...

How wonderful...this is a perfect update of your boys! Thanks for sharing all of their personalities via cyberspace!