Monday, May 25, 2009

Long Time No Post

We've been staying busy around here with normal everyday things. I am looking forward to our school year coming to a close. The boys have grand ideas for summer projects like making soap and paper. It should be fun! Here are a few recent pictures of our boys.

Silas is wearing his Overdrive shirt which was given to Levi when he was born. Since we never got a picture of Levi wearing it, we took the opportunity to snap a photo of Silas in it for the Overdrive crew at Saddleback. I think he looks pretty cute.

Levi is "helping" Daddy mow the yard. He enjoys playing outside, but I think the warm weather is getting to him. He can often be found inside when his brothers are outside playing these days. I can't blame him. It's too hot for me too.

Josiah is loving baseball and is counting the days until he can be on a team (when he turns 5). He is wearing my dad's old catcher's gear. I believe that is his favorite position. He plays baseball almost everyday.

Caleb continues to become more and more passionate about snakes. He loves them. The one pictured below is non-venomous. It's not something I would know by looking at it, but Caleb knows. (Kerry does verify to make sure they are harmless).


The Blake Family said...

Do you share Caleb's love for snakes??? He is a brave boy to pick them my book that is.

Colorado Dreamin' said...

All boy! All of them! My aunt had 4 boys. Make sure to let us know how the paper making goes!

The O'Connell Clan said...

How cute is Silas...wait until the Overdrive crew we know sees that picture! They will love it! Levi is on Dan's dream...a ride on mower! And Josiah, I love the pictures! He is going to be a wonderful baseball player after watching his big brother! Caleb with a tell him that Kendra, yes Kendra, may just pet that snake he is holding. She pet a lizard the other day and I just kept thinking, where did my sweet baby girl go, and she would never see her mother doing that. She loves animals, all kids, just like Caleb.