Sunday, July 19, 2009

Birthday Surprise

On Thursday, my Dad and I celebrated our birthdays. We were to pick my Dad up at the airport that evening just in time for dinner. I made sure the boys were actually clean and dressed in something decent since we would be going to dinner. As we were arriving at the airport, my husband texts me asking me if we were picking my Dad up inside the airport or curbside. Random I thought. We had to wait a few minutes for him to arrive. Levi was so excited to see Granddad that he set the alarms off in the do not enter area. Oh well. There was no barricade, just a sign and a security guard down a whole lot further. Once everyone hugged, my Dad got out his little video camera saying something about sending a video to Nana. While the boys were talking to the camera, here comes RyAnn (my sister) and Brock (one of my nephews). They had surprised me for my birthday! I couldn't believe they were actually here! We were definitely loud. I'm sure there were lots of stares. I was concerned about not having room for everyone in the car, but I was told that my husband was on his way with his car and that they had been planning this for months. We went to dinner and then home for birthday cake, presents, and swimming. I'm still in shock that they were able to surprise me!

Granddad, Levi, and Me

Levi, Granddad, and Caleb (Caleb picked out Granddad's shirt because it matched his own)

Levi, Brock, Caleb, and Josiah

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