Friday, July 31, 2009

Josiah Turns 4

This past Sunday, Josiah turned four years old! Josiah had very specific ideas about what his day would look like. For breakfast, he wanted chocolate chip muffins. Then for lunch, he wanted to have chicken nuggets in a roll. He waited patiently for Daddy to get home from church so that he could open his gifts and have cake. I think he is a little like me, because when he opened his first gift, he cried. To make it even better, he cried when he opened his second gift. He always has a vivid picture in his mind of what something should look like and those two weren't what he was imagining. He loves them now, but definitely something I will remember. After presents and cake, Daddy had to go to beach baptisms. I kept the boys home since Silas had been very fussy due to teething and I didn't want to go to Chuck E. Cheese all sandy. Josiah enjoyed the afternoon playing with his gifts and then we took him to Chuck E. Cheese. He had a great time, and I think he really enjoyed his special day.

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