Thursday, August 27, 2009

Greetings from Texas

The boys and I have been in Texas for almost a week now. My dad flew to Florida a week ago today to help drive the boys and I to Texas. We made it in two days. Our boys are the best travelers! We were all glad to finally pull into my parents' driveway last Saturday. We haven't slowed down since. Sunday morning, we went to church with my parents. That evening, my sister's church had rented out a water park. The boys had a blast! I was shocked to see Josiah going down the slides without any fear.

One of the reasons we came to Texas at this time is that my sister's nanny for her boys was having a baby. So, I've come to fill in and love on my nephews. We are almost at the end of the first week. I think it has gone about how I expected. Everyone is finally getting used to each other and the over the top excitement is finally wearing off. We've been to the zoo with the help of Granddad and my nephews started preschool this week. Granddad took them on their first day but from now on, I'll be taking and picking them up. I always tend to get stares when I'm out with my four boys, but with six boys, people seem to drop their mouths in astonishment. It's rather funny to watch.

I will admit that I am so not a morning person so this has been an adjustment for me and my boys. Yesterday, we were all so tired but today was much better. I didn't feel like I could fall asleep all day like I did yesterday. I'm thankful that I'm here to get to help and enjoy time with family. Kerry comes next week so he won't miss Silas' first birthday. The boys are looking forward to visiting Granny once Kerry arrives. I guess it's time to think about dinner.

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