Thursday, August 13, 2009

A Trip to McDonalds

When you have four children, with 3 under 4, even a trip to McDonalds can take a lot of effort. Kerry had his Bible Study tonight at the house, so once the men were settled into their study, the boys and I headed out for a late dinner. Since a couple of my children managed to leave the house without shoes, we were planning on just driving through. We ordered, got our meal, and pulled up a little to check my special ordered hamburger. It was wrong. I was just going to drive through again but the line was extremely long. Caleb volunteered to go in alone but I wasn't sure he could handle it just yet. There were a lot of people inside too. Once inside (me holding two children) we finally got the order correct and headed out the door, smiling to the security officer as we left. We got back in the car to discover that my boys had been given girl toys. I couldn't believe it. You should have seen the security officer's smile when we came back inside. Once again we had to wait and finally got the right toys.

*This post is many months old and I finally saw that I hadn't posted it yet. Today is April 24, 2010. I don't know how I planned to end this post but will leave it how it is.

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