Saturday, October 03, 2009

Back in Florida

The boys and I are now back in Florida. We arrived Tuesday evening thanks to my Dad driving us back. We left Texas early Monday morning with one sick boy (Josiah). By the time we arrived at our house, 3 boys were sick. Now it's Saturday and all five of us are under the weather. None of us have had a good night's sleep since returning. Kerry returns Monday evening and I've already let him that I need a day to nap. If only Silas will cooperate with that plan. Silas is very fussy. I've had to unpack from our trip and clean the house in order to try and sell it all with one hand and Silas in the other hand. I'm going to try and post about our time in Texas once we're all feeling better.

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Colorado Dreamin' said...

I hope you all are feeling better very soon!!!! And we are praying for you as you sell your home. And for the big plans God has for you from here! love you!