Friday, October 09, 2009

Week 3 in Texas

By week three, I was finally getting into a routine. I was able to get up early without too much trouble. Kerry was still in town for the rest of this week and spent some time with Granny. The boys also enjoyed some time with him too. On the day he left, we took the boys bowling. That was the one thing they really wanted to do with Daddy. Levi even had a blast bowling.

September 11, 2009 - Bowling with Daddy

Levi trying his best.

September 11, 2009 -- Rodeo with Nana and Granddad
After taking Kerry to the airport, the boys, Nana, Granddad, and I headed to the rodeo. The boys had a blast. It wasn't crowded (could have been because of the rain). Caleb and Josiah both had a chance to go inside the ring and try to win some money by chasing a calf (for Caleb's age) and a sheep (for Josiah's age).

Josiah and Nana

Levi, Granddad, and Caleb

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